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Bits and Banter: Of Jio, Google, Facebook and Cricket

Starting with this edition, the CXOToday team will be taking up a few of the newsmakers of the week and trying to spin a few laughs around it. While our purpose is definitely not to belittle the incidents or those who made news, it is an attempt to find the funny side to stuff that happens all the time around us, often shrouded in the profound. 

This is our maiden attempt and we are quite sure that more than laugh, it may make most of you shed a tear or two. We humbly seek your forgiveness and promise that each week we will bring you some more of the same, all the while promising to get better. Just like old wine gets better, we promise to do so too, though in our case it may take some more time for obvious reasons!  

In this edition, we are discussing the monopolistic attempts of Reliance Jio, which made some noise over its competitors offering better deals to their customers. Now, if that doesn’t sound at all funny, what would? As my colleague Balakumar argues, and quite cogently if I may say so, one has to offer only the basics, especially when one knows that there are fools who will pay for it and suffer in silence – just as he does at cricket stadia around the country where you can buy a drink but there’s no place to pee! 

And there’s more too, like that new app someone has come up with to send applause when their favorite footballer scores a goal. Yes my hearties, the applause would go to that empty stadium and be broadcast over the speaker system. What did you think? It would be gift-wrapped and sent to the player’s house? 

Anyway, that’s enough nonsense from my side. Brace yourself and click on the video embedded below for the first episode of Bits and Banter… Always remember that you have the easy and simple option to shut it off, though we plead that you continue to visit CXOToday and read up some of the good stuff that our more intelligent mates keep writing there. 


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