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Bits & Banter – Blame it On the Internet Tools

Image courtesy: Meme Creator

In a country where blaming everything on public transportation and traffic jams, how does one deal with our penchant for starting things off at the last minute, flapping around like headless chicken in the interregnum before finally delivering the desired outcomes in the nick of time? To be honest, we have no clue as the new normal seems to be catching up with the old normal. 

When Zoom decided to zoom out for a few moments last week, the two chaps on Bits & Banter were delighted. Not because this jobless duo found something to make fun of. This presented them with a plausible excuse for not recording the show – yes, you guessed it right – the duo immediately decided to postpone recording, even though Zoom had resumed its activities by then. 

And when they did eventually catch up for their weekly banter, the topic of choice didn’t surprise any of us in the group. No, it was not about Zoom shutting down for a brief while, something that is today described as an outage. The first time some of us came across the term, we actually thought it was a mis-spell for outrage! 

Coming to the topic, the duo went on and on about what modern excuses could be mustered up in such occasions as the ones they had learnt and used so effectively at school wouldn’t help in this new normal. As Balakumar said, today even were to exterminate an aged uncle or aunt to avoid some official activity, there is little chance of it sounding plausible, given that one can’t be at the funeral anyways – thanks to the social distancing norms. 

Well, we don’t want to continue hankering around what sort of excuses they eventually came up in preparation for more such outages. We would rather that you are personally outraged after watching this week’s edition of Bits & Banter, that can be accessed by clicking on the embedded video right below this paragraph: 

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