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Bits & Banter: What’s in a Name? Plenty of Silliness 

First things first. Personally we do not hold any grudges against product managers or whoever it is that decides on such names. For, we are strong believers in that Shakespearean adage: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

The only problem is that when we discussed some names that  smartphones were given, all we could say was Juliet might have reconsidered delivering Shakespeare’s famous quote referring to roses and smells. For, in today’s times, she would definitely have thought twice before falling in love with someone called Montague! 

Juliet would have definitely told Shakespeare: “I really cannot fall in love with a guy whose first and  second names both end in double vowels. Eeks!”

You would have already noticed that we are anything but comparable to Shakespeare and his brilliance when it comes to names. Suffice to state that we are archetypal Indian males whose sense of nuos w.r.t. naming is horrendous. By which I mean we aren’t the most creative people going around as you’d agree if only you were to ask our children whom we named! 

Source: OnePlus

Which is why we decided to take on the OnePlus Nord for our special attention and in case you noticed that we sort of veered off into other names, well that’s not the fault of the name or the chaps who thought it up for their latest smartphone. It is just that we ran out of ideas around the name and hence started delivering no-balls and wides and that’s not cricket! 

Of course, none of this banter has stopped us from buying OnePlus devices, we have three of them between us though that’s really no reason to stop us having fun at their expense, is it? 

For, all’s fair in love and laughter! Click on the video right below and leave us your comments. As my friend Balakumar says, we can’t get any worse from here on… 

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