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Cybersecurity in the Age of Coronavirus

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By: Filip Cotfas

The new normal has forced many businesses, organizations, and people to operate from home. With businesses operating indoor, this has increased the risk of security breaches and threats which can lead to loss of data, breaches of privacy or holding systems to ransom, and more. As swiftly as, India digitized its working business scenario online, businesses now need to take up ‘online security’ as a key self-responsibility.

Platforms once united under a single firewall have now turned into scattered endpoints, and coherent threat defenses have to cover more ground than ever. While security experts struggle to keep threats at bay, one thing is becoming clear: your data or your PC or the simple email in this connected world is not safe anymore. Be it, SMEs, or large enterprises, each remains vulnerable to the ongoing situation.

There is no question that the pandemic will continue to amplify cyber threats. But as experience has shown, every crisis and attending threat translates into a learning opportunity. These opportunities are lessons from which we can adopt new strategies and supporting technologies to evolve our digital economy and technology infrastructure to be better prepared the next time we face challenges.

Given the current situation growing technological advancements and internet penetration are driving enterprises to invest more in cybersecurity. Digitization across enterprises is prone to cyber threats and information breach; thus, established enterprises are investing heavily in cybersecurity tools. The companies are deploying infrastructure, network security solutions, endpoint protection, and Data Loss Prevention software, etc. Post Covid19 the deployment of online security tools, has seen and shall see a dramatic rise, across online businesses in Healthcare, BFSI, Insurance, etc.  Covid19 will pedal cybersecurity to the next level of growth in India and its definition will expand. Cybersecurity will emerge as the next big sector, with increasing opportunities and growth plans, driving the attention of the VCs.

The COVID times have accelerated the cyber adoption in India, with the future steps defined by innovation and new-age technologies. Arguably, the cybersecurity industry has never had a more important role to play than keeping mission-critical organizations and agencies safe from cyber-attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 (The author is Channel Manager at CoSoSys and the views expressed in the article are his own.)

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