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Editor’s Pick: CXOToday’s Top Tech Stories Of 2018

Data Leak

It had been an eventful 12 months, with so much happenings on the technology universe, from AI starting to dominate the enterprise space to cyber security issues in social media, including  the Facebook-Cambridge Data Leak Saga and from biggest tech deals such as the IBM-Red Hat announcements to ecommerce consolidation. This year, our technology coverage was also dictated by cloud, social, blockchain and the Internet of Things. There’s a lot more, given that the tech galaxy is vast and we, at CXOtoday, always present before you limitless possibilities of technologies and trends that touch our lives, enrich business, create leaders of tomorrow and help decision makers solve their many business dilemmas.

Read to know more about the top 10 exciting tech news and happenings of 2018 as featured on CXOtoday.

The Biggest Tech Acquisitions Of All Time

Excitement is abuzz in the tech industry with IBM announcing its plans to acquire Red Hat, representing a total enterprise value of approximately $34 billion. The acquisition is by far IBM’s largest deal ever and touted among the largest deals in the technology history of the world. In 2015, Dell had acquired a merger with EMC at a massing $70 billion, making it the biggest ever acquisition in the technology sector. There are several such examples. CXOtoday lists out some of the landmark acquisitions in the technology industry – that are considered to be the biggest of all time. Read more

19 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

2018 was a sprint to the finish year for Digital India. With a 16% y-o-y growth in smart phone usage, India surpassed the US to become the fastest growing mobile market this year. Reliance JIO enabled the rapid rise in 4G, resulting in accelerated content consumption across the country. As internet penetration increases, so will the digital marketing landscape. We list down 19 of our digital marketing trends and predictions to watch out for in 2019. Read more

Indus OS To Become Default Platform For Internet Content

In a world dominated by Android and iOS, it is indeed a big achievement that Indus OS, an India-based mobile OS is servicing the localized needs of first-time Indian internet users. Today, the operating system has its own app market place called App Bazaar and is currently available in English and 12 Indian regional languages with an active user base of over 7 million. CXOToday caught up with Sudhir Bangarambandi, CTO & Co-Founder, Indus OS in Mumbai, who said that the success of the company depends on a strong technology backbone and discussed how the company plans to scale up. Read more

Cultural Transformation: An Upheaval Or Metamorphosis?

Bringing about a cultural transformation is no easy game for corporate, you are asking people to change their attuned way of being and unlearn old ways after all. So how do you make it happen? It takes a good understanding of the psychology behind people’s behaviors, actions and decision drivers, alongside sincere efforts from the management to make a cultural shift happen. Read more

The Digital Messiah: Inside Accenture’s Innovation Hub

With an expertise in global outsourcing practice over the last decades, Accenture could be a great example of a how a service provider has made a transformation from the labor arbitrage model to the digital model, a transition companies often struggle with. In fact, a walk down the company’s  4,40,000 sq ft Innovation Center in Bengaluru, dedicated to showcasing the innovations it has created to global clients is a treat to the eye, as the IT giant looks at growing its footprint in digital offerings. Read more

All You Need To Know About Facebook-Cambridge Data Leak Saga

In the last one week, popular social media site Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been exposed to unsparing condemnation, courtesy the alleged misuse of data by Cambridge Analytica. The allegation says that the data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, extracted a whopping 50 million profiles from the social networking site to plan campaigns for 2016 US elections and Brexit referendum. The data leakage has turned into a major controversy over the last few days. Here’s all your need to know about it. Read more

Can De-Linking Aadhaar From Banks, E-Wallets Reduce Security Risks

India’s Aadhaar program, which has been criticized due to its centralization of sensitive biometric information, is now under fire from a different quarter. This time the possibility of a breach into the Aadhaar system has emerged from the end point—the enrolment system that was deployed across the country and managed by private entities responsible for collecting people’s biometric and demographic information. Read more

How AI Is Changing The Future Of Work

Human resources (HR) as a function, is going through significant changes in the last decade thanks to the evolution of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that are reshaping the way companies recruit, retain and engage with their workforce. Shaakun Khanna, Head of Human Capital Management Applications, Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation explains how AI-ML is challenging HR roles, creating newer opportunities as well as changing the future of work. Read more

For AWS, Artificial Intelligence Is The Way Forward

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing division of Amazon, is constantly reinventing to position itself as one of the leading players in ‘digital transformation,’ especially over the last one decade. From being a leader in the cloud computing space, offering cloud services to enterprises and SMBs, the company is now looking to push a flurry of newer offerings that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) concepts. Read more

Why India Needs To Invest More On R&D

One of the critical problems that researchers face is access to the latest developments in their respective fields across the world. This is particularly true for the field of technology, where change is the only constant. It is, in fact, the biggest challenge facing research. It is in this context CXOToday caught up with N. V. Sathyanarayana, Chairman & MD, Informatics India Ltd to discuss the importance of research and development and the challenges in this space. Read more

When Digital Becomes Human at Infocom Kolkata 

Infocom 2018 one of India’s biggest events aimed at technology professionals, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers, chose a very pertinent theme, “When Digital Becomes Human” this year. With digital world encroaching human spaces making the human touch and interactions rare, the conference explored why and how enterprises need to focus on human transformation on an equal footing as digital transformation. The future is both, digital and human! Read more

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