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How Bhavin Turakhia’s Titan is Disrupting Business Email Market


Titan, a professional email startup founded by serial entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia is looking to change how email communication is done in the hybrid work era. The company has raised $30 million investment from Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. The investment marks the single largest investment ever made by Automattic and values Titan at $300 million.

Founded in 2018, Titan’s e-mail suite helps businesses to schedule their mails, drop follow-up reminders, and provides templates to allow users to quickly send out new emails and recurring responses without having to draft them from scratch. With investment from Automattic, Titan hopes to leverage the huge presence of WordPress across the globe.

With products like, Automattic helps support customers through web hosting, e-commerce, security and backups, enterprise infrastructure, and more.

Speaking to CXOToday, Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO of Titan says, “Our vision is to re-invent email for professionals and businesses. We aim to leverage our partnership with Automattic by targeting the right set of businesses to adopt Titan email suite. We are optimistic of meeting endless possibilities through this collaboration and look forward to a long term association with Automattic.”

Titan is available to users exclusively through its partnerships with leading Web Presence Providers, including that powers 42% of the world’s websites between the open-source software and Automattic’s commercial offering. For anyone purchasing a new website on, Titan provides a professional means of establishing relationships with their customers over email while they work on their site.

Additionally, the company plans to leverage the investment in expanding products and engineering operations for scale and new product development.

Explaining the USP of the product suite, Turakhia says, “Email is used by over 1/6th of the global population for work, yet very little innovation has happened in business email over the last two decades. Email is the most ubiquitous form of messaging available as against any other platform that are closed ended. But even in 2021, a real good email solution is hard to come by and hence there is a huge market opportunity out there.”

“With Titan, we aim to disrupt the email market by delivering the first email suite built to bring businesses closer to their customers,” he says, adding that from a product perspective, the company has built a platform specifically designed for professionals and businesses with features that drive their goals – streamlining workflows, automating tasks and making conversations richer and more contextual.

Sharing more details on the product suite, he says, “Titan’s features are designed to bring businesses closer to their customers. Being a tech led company, we have used and integrated the best in class technology in our product.”

He gives the example of Titan’s Scheduled Send, where users can time their new emails to send when they’re most likely to be read. And with Follow-Up Reminders, businesses can ensure that they stay persistent when following up on leads. Titan also includes Email Templates, which allow users to quickly send out new emails and recurring responses without having to draft them from scratch.”

The product strongly focuses on the Privacy aspect, which Turakhia believes is of the utmost importance to businesses. “At Titan we offer Enterprise-grade security. Titan uses advanced security measures to keep user accounts safe from phishing or malware attacks. We have ensured that all the data are end-to-end encrypted so that they are completely secure,” he says.

“We have partnered with companies such as Hostinger, Newfold Digital, NameSilo, rumahweb, Blacknight Solutions, Papaki. The company’s intent is that Titan will serve businesses of different sizes across the globe with the current focus being on small businesses,” he informs.

Turakhia has founded several successful startups in the past including domain and hosting business Directi in 1998, domain registry platform Radix in 2012, business collaboration tool provider Flock (under brand name Nova) in 2014, and banking technology startup, Zeta. In fact, the investment in Titan comes on the heels of last month’s announcement that Zeta attained unicorn status with a $1.45 billion valuation following a $250 million investment from SoftBank.

Turakhia says that with Titan the company is bringing disruption in the small business and enterprise sector by offering innovative e-mail suite.

“As we have been valued at $300 million, we believe that there’s immense opportunity for further growth and we will be able to grab a good share of the market,” he says. However, Turakhia clarifies, “we aren’t looking at profitability, at least during the initial years.”

Currently, Titan has close to 100,000 active users, of which 75% are paid subscribers. “With the Automattic partnership, we look to add another 100,000 accounts in the next one year,” he concludes.

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