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How to easily delete bloatware from Windows 10?

When it comes to Windows-powered computers you’ll inadvertently get a ton of software pre installed either from Windows or from makers like – HP, Asus, Acer, Dell etc. These pre-installed applications are called bloatware and more often than not you’ll never use them.

These useless applications clutter your device and often hamper user experience with pop-up alerts, offers, trialware, and even consuming precious resources to slow your device. There are instances where some of these unwanted applications have been found snooping on your data or are responsible for making your computer vulnerable to attacks. Here let us look at a free tool that helps you remove such applications easily.

Declutter Windows 10 computer

While Windows 10 operating system comes with a built-in app uninstaller that can help you delete programs that you think are useless. However, various applications cannot be uninstalled using the default method. Hence you need an effective solution that can help you easily get rid of these freeloaders.

A new open-source utility called Bloatex can help you debloat your computer easily. This nifty little tool and its source code are available on Github to download for free. It is only 17KB in size and does not need to be installed.

The app comes with a fairly easy to understand layout. Once opened, on the left-hand side, it lists all the applications that are already installed on your laptop/computer while the centre has options to add one, add all apps, remove all and remove selected apps.

To delete an application all you need to do is to select it from the list on the left side, click add selected and it will now appear in the right-hand side column. Once the app is there all you need to do is to click the Uninstall button at the bottom and the app gets removed from the system.

The app Bloatex itself is safe to use with a healthy VirusTotal score and is one of the lightest and fastest tools to remove unwanted applications from your computer.

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