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How to use the best and free password manager?

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Almost everyone has multiple email ids and have accounts on various e-commerce, social media sites and more. While creating an ID on fancy websites is no more an achievement, the biggest challenge here is to remember the passwords for all of them. Since experts always advise you against keeping the same passwords for all your accounts, remembering unique passwords for each website is a massive task.

Recording the credentials on a piece of paper is definitely out of the equation, even using a third-party password manager is not worth the risk, after all, you do not want to store your personal and official account details on an external service as it may be vulnerable to exposure.

So, before you wonder how to store your passwords securely without breaking your bank, let us tell you that the best and the most secure way to keep your passwords intact is freely available and you might have used it in the past as well. We’re talking about Chrome’s inbuilt password manager that comes pre-installed with Google Chrome.

How to use Chrome password manager?

Since the Chrome password manager comes in-built in the browser, you do not need to install it separately. Thus, it not only removes the one extra step but also makes it more secure. Also, since Chrome browser is one of the most commonly used browsers, it is available for free across different platforms like Windows, Linus, macOS, Android and iOS. Hence, procuring it and installing it is not a question any more.

The moment you install a fresh copy of Chrome browser on any of the devices regardless of the operating system, it asks you to log in with your Google account. Once done, the password manager service also gets linked to your Google account.

If you use multiple devices simultaneously and log in to the browser with the same Google account, since Google keeps your accounts across the devices synced, you will be able to access the saved passwords on any device.

To save a password to your Chrome password manager, all you need to do is to log in to the said website while using Google Chrome. The browser automatically asks you if you want to save the password. It also allows you to save multiple passwords for the same website and promptly offers the password the moment you try to log-in again using the saved credentials.

In case you want to manage the saved passwords, you can always visit where you can add, edit or remove the credentials already store but also allows you to see how strong and secure your passwords are, you can check if there you’ve used a password multiple times and also lets you find out if any of the passwords were compromised so that you can quickly update the credentials.

Additionally, if you type chrome://settings/passwords in your Chrome browser, it also offers you quick access to the passwords you’ve already stored, allows you to copy and paste them in the password box, edit them in case required and also shows the list of sites that you have asked the browser specifically to not save the passwords.


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