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HPE Helps CIOs Efficiently Move Workloads To Hybrid Cloud Platforms

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In its latest move to woo enterprise business, Hewlett-Packard brings HPE Right Mix Advisor that delivers data-driven guidance to help CIOs quickly and confidently move workloads to the right hybrid cloud platforms, reducing cost as much as 40 percent.

Many organizations find identifying their right mix to be a significant challenge, due to the complexity of their environment and the rate of change in technology and business. HPE Right Mix Advisor is the systematic approach businesses need to develop their hybrid cloud strategies with confidence.

“IT executives have noted to us that identifying the optimal fit for their individual workloads is one of their top challenges today,” said Jed Scaramella, IDC. “Past approaches that relied on best practices and manual analysis are now too costly and time consuming.”

HPE Right Mix Advisor is built upon experience from over one thousand hybrid cloud engagements, best practices from Cloud Technology Partners and RedPixie, and automated discovery capabilities from iQuate. Millions of data points are quickly collected from the customer’s IT landscape, from CMDBs such as ServiceNow, and from external sources such as cloud vendor pricing models. In a recent engagement, for example, nine million IP addresses across six data centers were examined.

HPE Pointnext experts work with the client’s IT teams to analyze the data using proprietary tooling and placement algorithms.  The result is an objective, data-driven recommendation of the right workload placement strategy, a phased plan to get there, and the expertise to make it happen.

Building the right hybrid cloud strategy can help businesses can not only speed migrations from months to weeks, but also reduce the risk of poorly executed migrations. In addition, it controls the cost of migration and properly forecast ongoing cost and prevent cost overruns and ‘surprises’ once migrated. It also allows IT leaders to invest with confidence by basing decisions on data

“I like to tell customers there are a thousand things they could be doing – but they need to find the 10 most impactful things they should start on tomorrow morning,” said Erik Vogel, Global Vice President for Hybrid Cloud at HPE Pointnext. “HPE Right Mix Advisor helps organizations get the insight and methodology that they need to drive innovation, deliver predictable optimized customer experiences and remain competitive.”

In a typical engagement, HPE delivers a concrete action plan within weeks, where previously businesses may have struggled for months with manual processes. HPE has found migrating the right workloads to the right mix of hybrid cloud can typically result in 40 percent total cost of ownership savings.  HPE Pointnext experts often find more than half the applications can be moved to a cloud model – public or private – and the remainder can be made more cloud-like using intelligent automation and as-a-service models.  

HPE Right Mix Advisor injects speed and accuracy in defining the right fit for all applications, and sets the baseline for businesses to continually tune their right mix as needs change. The company believes that the new solution is an integral component of HPE’s Composable Cloud strategy, which enables CIOs to deliver the speed, scale and economics of cloud across their entire business and IT landscape, using the blend of technologies that deliver the outcomes they need now and in the future.

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