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Max Life Insurance Simplifies Agent Recruitment With M-Rec


Strengthening its ongoing digital journey, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd, one of the country’s fastest growing life insurance companies, announced the launch of M-Rec, a mobile based app to simplify agent recruitment and facilitate faster agent prospecting and onboarding.

Designed to empower agency leaders and leverage digital ecosystem, the app will eliminate all physical documentation, wherever applicable and reduce manual efforts involved in the process of agent recruitment.

Further simplifying the lives of prospective agents, M-Rec will replace tedious scanning and submission of documents with easy click-n-upload documents. Agent application forms will now be filled online, allowing agency leaders, access to applications at all times on their fingertips via mobile, desktop and tablets.

Enhancing the agent prospecting experience, M-Rec, through a host of unique features such as digital end to end funnel management and on-the-go management of forms and documents, will help agency leaders have real-time view of the funnel and case movement. It will provide leaders digital intervention through quicker agent coding and URN (Unique Request Number) generation for agent prospecting. Agent onboarding will further be aided with the help of discrepancy management and superior digital training and examination.

Commenting on the launch V. Viswanand, Deputy Managing Director, Max Life said, “As a life insurance company committed to improving efficiencies, we wanted to transform our agent advisors’ recruitment process to create a digitally enabled agency. Our latest app M-Rec will help address this need by digitizing key operations such as agent prospecting and on boarding overturning a traditionally manual and document led ecosystem. Through the means of the app, we will empower our agents and agency leaders with advanced digital tools at their disposal for increased efficiency and productivity.”

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