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Mental Health Ramifications of Working from Home

Source : EDT Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in its wake, a spike in stress-levels caused by the uncertain future and anxiety. The disruption of the normal routines, the diminishing delineation of a workplace from the safety of home and self-isolation have all caused untold impact on the overall mental health of people.

Since I have been working from home for large swathes of my professional career as a journalist, I thought it would make sense to speak to my colleague Raj Narayan, who is also a fellow scribe for close to three decades. However, in recent times Raj added executive coaching and counselling skills to his repertoire, which makes him just the right resource to discuss these challenges.

During our conversation, Raj offered several simple yet effective solutions to keep ourselves above board during these tough times. For e.g. one needs to still differentiate the workplace from the rest of the house and should also ensure that work clothes are different from those that one wears during the rest of the day. It is also critical to replicate the tea and coffee breaks that we would take in the office.

I invite you all to watch this in-depth conversation that I had with Raj recently and see for yourself what steps you could take and how to make things work at a time when nothing else is working. Watch the full conversation on CXOToday by clicking on this link

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