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Microsoft Security Shifts its Cybersecurity Approach

The company is aiming to become a solution provider for security across multiple entry points in the system and not just end points

Microsoft Security wants to be the go-to partner for all enterprise security solutions and has now set its sights on end-to-end security protection to customers. The move follows reports of how hackers are breaking into systems not just at end points but across multiple levels in the enterprise-level network of systems. 

A report published in the Hindu BusinessLine quoted Terence Gomes, country head of security business at Microsoft India as saying that the company would help enterprises guard against hackers breaking in via multiple entry points that denotes a widening expanse for cyber attacks in the fast-growing digital landscape. 


Attackers can attack from anywhere

Now attackers are diversifying from just breaking into end points of a system, the company says, adding that they were looking at several entry locations such as user identities, vulnerabilities in the applications side, mobile phones, cameras, printers and even IoT devices. 

This means that enterprises are significantly adding digital space and with growing digitization efforts across the world, the attack surface would only grow further. Microsoft’s security products are now aiming to spread the defense net wider instead of just focusing on known loopholes. 


Simplification is also the key 

The company also wants to shift its focus on making security offerings simpler and easier to manage at the customer end, be it with Office 365, Azure or the deployment management and operations. 

The official said the company’s offerings are finding good traction in India with customers also evolving continuously in terms of the amount of attention that they give to cyber security and crime. Now the topic is discussed as a priority in boardrooms of large companies, resulting in more interactions with customers for the Microsoft team. 

The company is also making all efforts to provide greater detection rates and quick response to any cyber attack by leveraging its expertise on threat intelligence, and analytics of more than 40 trillion signals that it receives and studies each day. Microsoft is also said to be making additional investments in this area to develop early warning signals. 

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