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MSME Matters: Sustainable Growth Could be the Way Ahead

The Indian small and medium enterprises need to turn their attention towards sustainable growth at the earliest, as this is one way to generate better returns on their investments when the Covid-19-led lockdown makes way for an economic revival. 

Most industries in the small and medium range often ignore the savings that sustainable products can bring to their balance sheets and often go about their business paying electricity bills without ever considering for a moment the savings that sustainable technologies could bring them. 

In this edition of MSME Talks, we spoke with Anirban Ghosh, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Mahindra Group, who has brought his more than three decades of diverse experience ranging from heading a corporation in the United STates, leadership experience in strategy, sales, marketing, corporate social responsibility and sustainability to one of India’s largest automakers. His work includes enabling the companies with the Mahindra Group to adopt a new path to sustainability in a world where climate change is a reality. 

Anirban Ghosh holds the view that the pandemic was possibly a good opportunity for both government and private industry to pause and consider re-routing their course by adding a savings cost to their operating margins. 

Such a step could have left money with the enterprises to deal with the demand slump that hit India’s economy following the lockdown imposed in March. While the green shoots of a revival are showing now, it is up to the industry and the government to take up the issue of sustainability on a priority basis so that companies can benefit from the high ROIs that these generate, he says. 

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