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Social Media Trends That Have Transformed The Healthcare Industry

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Social media is now becoming one of the most frequently used sources of digital marketing being adopted by most people and institutions. By the means of social media marketing, it has become very easy for anyone to propagate their business model and direct attention of people to their product or service. The main features of social media as a means of marketing technique are-

 1. It helps in creating brand awareness

2.  It is cost- effective to other marketing techniques

3. It makes interacting with users and retaining them very easy

4. It helps in promoting a healthier business image and market presence

5. It helps in increasing traffic being directed to the dedicated website

6. It helps in enhancing SEO rankings

 The healthcare industry which is an aggregation of divisions that aims towards goods and services that contribute to the health and well-being of people is an ever- growing industry.  The integration of social media marketing trends in the healthcare industry has led to much advancement in the healthcare domain.

 The various popular social media trends that have contributed to changing the healthcare industry are-

1. Emphasis on user-generated content-

New users generally rely on the available user-generated content such as comments, feedbacks, credits etc. Medical practitioners and institutions leverage from positive content created by their users. This helps in maintaining quality service provision because of the reinforcement of healthy competition in the marketplace.

2. The popularity of video content-

Video content has gained popularity in the present times as it is more customer-centric and helps in holding their attention for a longer duration of time. Marketers are now using various formats of video to engage the more relevant audience. The best way to create and publish video clips on social media is to curate content that is relevant to the preference of the target audience.

3. Chatbots and messaging applications-

The experience of the end user is what helps in inviting and retaining a feasible lead for the business. In the healthcare domain, it is very important to understand the most convenient and accessible way to interact with the target audience. This can be done by providing them with an interactive platform in order to get more inclusion and engagement from the audience. Platforms such as docprime have live Chatbots available for individuals looking to find a doctor near them or getting online doctor consultation.

4. Influencer marketing-

This marketing technique focuses on centering the marketing of a product or service on an influential figure instead of the general target population. This influential figure is carefully chosen after identifying their capability of influencing the target audience’s preference.

5. Instagram Stories and live video streaming-

The live streaming market, as well as viewer base, is growing at a rampant rate. The main benefit of live streams is that it has the ability to rank a website organically. Most healthcare brands are now using live streams to get better reachability to their target audience and also to keep them informed about the latest updates of the product or service being offered by them. Social media accounts of healthcare providers such as docprime Facebook page has regular live streams in order to draw the attention of audience looking for information related to healthcare.

Instagram stories allow individuals and brands to publish interactive graphic or video content that stays for 24 hours. The best feature of this means of marketing is that it helps in keeping the target audience engaged for a longer duration of time as well as gives them something to look forward to. Instagram allows users to add hashtags to their stories as well as posts, making it easier for the target audience to access relevant content.

6. Digital trend monitoring-

Organic keyword searches are now being relied upon in order to understand the prevalent diseases, symptoms, and medicines being searched by the general population. This is helping healthcare facilities and providers to identify and be prepared with the necessary measures as well as information to help the target users.

7. Telemedicine technology-

The latest trend which is gaining popularity among the masses is the use of telemedicine technology. This essentially eliminates the need to physically travel and get a consultation with a doctor. The main implication of this technology is that a patient is able to get a consultation from a medical professional in the comfort of his/her home by the means of using mobile technology. Not only is this service convenient but it is also cost effective. More and more platforms such as docprime, practo, 1mg etc. are providing consultation as well as medical prescriptions online.

 The above mentioned social media trends have been beneficial in improving the customer experience and reach. They have also paved way for a positive reaffirmation of healthcare services amongst the masses.

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