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Still using Windows 7? This security bug in Zoom allows hackers to target your PC

Zoom is in the news all over again. This time it is making headlines due to a critical security flaw that not only allows hackers to get access to users’ computers but also remotely control it. The previously unknown vulnerability was identified by a group of researchers who said that the issue is exploitable on Windows 7 and older operating systems.

Thanks to this vulnerability intruders can attack any system running by luring users to perform simple and basic tasks like opening a word document and taking over the control of the entire device.

Zoom has identified the issue and has advised users to download and use the latest version of the videoconferencing solution.

Windows 7 has reached the end of its life and even the official support for this dated operating system has ended in January this year. This means that any bug or issue identified now, may never get resolved and the operating system will never get a security update, the only exception could be a severe issue that may impact a large user base, unlike the current one.

While Microsoft has been asking users to upgrade to Windows 10 and has offered free upgrades, however, millions of home and office users are still using this dated operating system.

It is not the first time that the Zoom has faced issues around user privacy and security. Amid the global lockdown, while its user base soared, Zoom was embroiled in various controversies and was banned in various countries including India.

Recently, the All India Traders body (CAIT) also announced that they will boycott Zoom for multiple reasons including security issues and its alleged Chinese links. CAIT also advised its members to use a homegrown solution like JioMeet for their video conferencing requirements.

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