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Survey says Data Scientists are in Great Demand

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The all-pervasive internet has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined about two decades ago. Of course, the millennials may find that things have hardly changed but for a generation from the 1990s, the level of automation has actually impeded our faculty for thought where even remembering numbers has become tough. 

And if we are to go by indications presented in this survey, the day is not far where several other crucial functions of our thinking faculty would be taken over and delivered flawlessly by that little device we call smartphones. A survey by Prolifics Testing has come out with a report around the tech-jobs that Indians would chase and the programming languages it would require. 

Read the full survey report here

The results aren’t surprising by any stretch of imagination, but the percentages could leave you surprised. Data scientists and analysts together account for a lion’s share of the demand. They account for more close to 50K average monthly searches while the next in line is the software engineer who gets just 15K. 

The company, which shared its research findings via a statement said it found that other jobs such as web developer (14K), software developer (12K) and PHP developer (11K) paled quite a bit compared to the numbers that data scientists (31K) and data analysts (28K) garnered. 

While programming languages in itself do not directly impact this demand, Prolifics Testing found that python was amongst the most preferred, possibly because it is easier to learn and execute machine learning with this skill. There were a whopping 9.7K online searches in a single day for this language. 

Given below is a list of 10 programming languages that India has been chasing in recent times. Of course this list is only based around search results and may not really indicate skill demand in the industry. 

Of course, these are only indicative responses based on research conducted on the basis of web searches and should only be treated as such. 

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