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Tech Recruiters Go On A ‘Remote Hiring’ Spree


The pandemic has posed a setback for several business and professionals alike. However, a recent report claims that the IT services industry is on a hiring spree. In the last two months of 2020, the industry recruited about 81,000 people across mid- to senior-levels, according to a recent report.

The HackerEarth report titled ‘The State of Developer Recruitment 2020’ reports, tech recruiters are embracing remote hiring tools including online assessment tools due to the demand from the tech services companies and captive centres of the global firms.

Nearly, 47 % of the Indian tech recruiters, who previously used manual hiring processes, have now embraced online assessment tools with the pandemic’s onset and claims the report.

“Covid-19 has accelerated the shift towards remote hiring tools,” the report said.

As the remote hiring has increased, tech recruiters also observed a surge in their talent pool. Over thirty percent of respondents said that remote hiring had increased their sourcing funnel.”

However, sourcing remains a primary challenge for 22.6 % recruiters globally. The preferred talent sourcing channels for developer recruiters seem to be LinkedIn 25.7 %, job portals 20.7% and internal referrals 16.9%.

The report further said, “For most recruiters, regardless of company size, hackathons were a popular way to engage with developers.”

Diversity and Inclusion hiring seems to be most important for most recruiters, reveals the survey. Nearly 47 % of recruiters in India, “elimination of bias and standardising the hiring process” were the foremost drivers while hiring web developers in 2020. 13 % of Indian respondents were also keen to use an online assessment tool as it eliminated bias.

The report also stated that recruiters preferred developer skills over pedigree. Globally, “skill-based hiring has been gaining popularity with 21.5% of recruiters choosing this over other options.”

Furthermore, the skills which will in demand in 2021, as per report will be Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Meanwhile, another report claimed that most of the recruitment was for technology areas such as Custom Application Development, Digital Engineering, Product Engineering, Infrastructure support and BPM.

Saran Balasundaram, Founder and CEO of Han Digital during an interview with ET said that “Usually IT-BPM sector’s onboarding number is relatively lesser in December. However, December onboarding was 10% higher than hiring in 2019. However, the November numbers are almost equal to 2019”.

Interestingly, hiring freshers also witnessed a surge during the last two months compared to previous years, claims the analyst.

Balasundaram also said that due to increased competition and demand for new digital technology-led projects, one of the top five Indian IT firms is creating a bench of highly skilled employees.

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