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Transforming Customer Experience With Conversational Analytics

Customer Experience

Today, customers are at the epicenter of every business and customer experience as the main wheel to run a successful business. This implies that ensuring an exceptional customer experience is the need of the hour for every business. Now, the two most common questions on the mind of many are- Why is a good customer service so crucial and how to ensure that you have an outstanding customer service.

The answer to the first question is simple. The more you want to attract someone, the more attention you need to impart. In other words, if you want your customers to keep coming back to you, you need to show them that they are valued enough and this can be done only if you make them feel heard. This is where a good customer service holds cruciality. If your customer service agents know how to forge an empathetic bond with each of the customers they are speaking to, your customer service will always help you win the customers and retain them well too.

Once you know the “why”, understanding or formulating the “how” becomes easier. The question “how to ensure an outstanding customer service” has two facets attached to it. These facets include: the infrastructural premise on which the foundation of your customer service could lay and the way in which it could help.

The infrastructural premise is nothing but the technology that will be used to sustain it. This technology is AI-enabled conversational analytics.

What is Conversational Analytics?

Conversational analytics is a technology that studies the deciphered speech and converts it into data. The data is basically a conversation between two people which is structured and analysed in a way to muster meaningful insights. The solutions of conversational analytics consist of a transcription engine that is used to translate speech to data. These solutions unleashes a large undiscovered area which is considered to be one of the most trustable sources to have reliable and direct information. In the process, language and audio process blends and renders the best analysis of speaker’s emotions.

The right usage of conversational analytics could impact your customer service in a myriad of ways:

⦁ Enhances the Overall Customer Experience: Conversational analytics yields a wide scope for improvement in the customer service segment of an organisation. With the help of conversational analytics in the contact centres, organisations can study and analyse the conversations and pinpoint fluctuations in customer’s voice and determine if they are satisfied or not, whether the quality of service (QoS) is based on the analysis methods, the level of satisfaction with service etc. This entire process helps the organisations in identifying the root cause of the problems and chalk out efficacious ways to amend the issues.

⦁  Improves the Agent Training Process: Since conversational analytics helps in analysing the conversations between agents and customers, it helps managers understand where the agents are lagging; the points where improvement is required and how they need to re-formulate the training program. They can record the conversations and monitor it real-time to fix the errors on the spot. By monitoring the calls real-time, managers can also check if the prescribed scripts are being followed by the agents or not. A good training session is the key to smart customer service agents.

Impact of Conversational Analytics

The magnitude of impact of conversational analytics is going to be magnanimous. The AI-enabled conversational analytics is going to embark a new era in customer servicing, taking customer experience to newer levels. The customer service will have a new face with greater control over the interactions, 24×7 availability to your customers, faster resolution rate and reduction of efforts from the organisation.

The results are going to be multi-faceted including improved revenue generation, lessened customer attrition, better compliance, quality management and operational efficiency. The technology is going to do a 360 degree transformation of the businesses in its truest sense and capacities.

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