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Voicesense Adds Live Predictive Analytics To Call Center Offering

Predictive Analytic

Industries are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to drive sales and improve operations. The major drivers for this trend are cost savings and improved efficiency.

Voicesense, an Israel-based provider of voice-based predictive analytics solutions, has announced the latest version of its analytics solution aimed at enhancing sales and operations at call centers.

The solution finds applications across industry verticals such as banking, insurance, telecom, healthcare and more.

Voicesense performs AI-driven customer and agent profiling during live call center operations helping agentsdrive sales and enhance customer value. This is carried out by analyzing over 200 prosodic parameters of a person’s speech, which are the non-content features of speech, such as intonation, pace and emphasis.

Voicesense stands out from other solutions in that it extracts the thoughts of the individual which they convey unconsciously while speaking, so the insights turn to be genuine and more effective than those derived through conventional methods.

“With Voicesense, you can turn your call center into a sales channel,” says Yoav Degani, CEO of Voicesense.

“When call center agents answer the phone, they never know if they have a real opportunity to upsell or cross-sell, or if they are wasting their time. Voicesense lets you immediately identify opportunities or no-go’s giving agents predictive scores, while they’re on the line,” Degani added.

The application provides the agent with guidance on sales approaches based on the customer’s individual buying preferences, such focusing on pricing, product strengths or brand quality.

The solution finds application in inbound activities as well. It provides real-time indicators of customers that are dissatisfied and at risk of churning. It can also provide indications on the customer’s loyalty style, such tendencies for long term value or inclinations for short term promotions, which can be leveraged by agents in their retention efforts.

Agents also get recommendations on how to approach customers or how to tailor an interaction to customer’s buying style. With these, the company can optimize agent phone time and focus on revenue-yielding calls. Overall, the application improves sales and agent performance, Voicesense said.

For banking and financial services sector, Voicesense provides call center agents with an innovative way to assess risks by letting them know if the customers have any intention to pay or not. Based on this, they can suggest the best way to recover the debt. Such actions will result in improved claim predictions, faster collection rates and lower default rate.

Voicesense also includes features that help call center managers track agents’ performance automatically without analyzing each call. In traditional QA process, supervisors check calls randomly, so they could miss vital conversations which could be impolite or unnecessary, leading to customer dissatisfaction. With new, automated call analysis, supervisors and trainers can now identify critical calls which need prior attention for training and quality assurance purposes. In effect, they get a chance to review all such calls.

The Voicesense application can be fully integrated on premise or through an API to the cloud with an organization’s CRM, business intelligence and other systems.

This new version also tracks agent burnout and identifies individual agents that are at risk of attrition, helping managers make proactive decisions to reduce agent turnover.

Voicesense is currently offering a proof-of-concept trial of this new version of its speech-based predictive analytics solution for call centers.

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