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WatchOS7 is Coming: Here’s What It can Do for You

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Owning an Apple Watch is often considered a luxury as the device is pitched more as a fashion accessory than a necessity. What else would you describe it as when the latest model costs as much as a good laptop? Yes, the top-end Apple Watch 5 costs a cool Rs.52,900 on Amazon

However, it looks like Apple is keen to expand its market share in the wearables segment, given the growing competition from Samsung and a slew of Chinese products that have appeared out of nowhere in recent times. Which probably explains how Apple took pains to describe some of the new tricks that the device may learn to do via the new WatchOS 7 that is up for release. The company released the beta version for developers two days ago. 

At last month’s Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC, Apple gave a sneak peak into the new features that would make Apple Watches more of a health and wellness device that could also tell time. Besides fresh watch faces, the device would be able to keep the user company in their workouts as well as ensure that they sleep well after a tough day. 

But that’s not all. There are a bunch of other features that the company wants users to become aware of though one must point out that most of these wouldn’t work in case you already have an Apple Watch that is older than the Series 3. Also, it is anybody’s guess how much more a new Apple Watch Series 6 would be, whenever it comes to the market. 

  1. The biggest shift is the sleep tracking capability which means you can take your watch to bed without having a third-party app for company. It also helps users wind down and sleep on time through a bedtime routine of your choice. The device uses motion and heart rate sensors to determine sleep patterns and shuts off notifications too. Do remember to charge your watch till the 30% limit for it to track your sleep! 
  2. On the wellness part, the WatchOS 7 has added dancing, core training, strength building and cooling down to the existing Zumba classes. This makes the device more functional to your workout needs while the algorithm tracks these movements and calorie burn. By the way, ardent cyclists also get a navigation feature via Apple Maps that gives them best options for a stress-free ride including calculation of calories based on the terrain. 
  3. The Fitness App, which was earlier called Activity app, comes with a redesign on the iPhone though on the watch there is hardly any change. However, you could get a more detailed report of your day when paired with the iPhone with stats at a glance too. 
  4. The hand-washing bit that Samsung introduced when Covid-19 had taken hold of our lives also appears on the WatchOS 7. However, this one appears a tad smarter as it uses motion sensors and microphone to fathom the intensity of your hand washes. It reminds users to wash their hands the moment you step into the house or the workplace.
  5. The software would now add noise control via headphones to the already existing alerts when users are facing high decibels outside of their person. So, in case you are listening to your favorite song at levels louder than recommended, the watch will send an alert based on norms fixed by the WHO. 
  6. However, from our perspective the most important change relates to the mobility and cardiovascular capabilities, especially for senior citizens. The watch would use motion sensors on the iPhone to measure one’s balance and ability to move safely over time. It is akin to the physician’s six-minute walk test that can help diagnose health issues.
  7. And then there are the new watch faces as well as a chronograph option that provides extra large text and photo filters. 

Of course, now it is up to each one of you readers to figure out whether all of this would still make you ditch the old analogue or digital watches for something that could cost you an arm and a leg. Just so that you can showcase yourself as a valuable member of the Apple ecosystem. 



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