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What Makes Google, Amazon, Microsoft India’s Most Attractive Employers?

Tech titan Google India emerged as the most attractive employer brand, followed by Amazon and Microsoft in India.

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Organizations that has the reputations of being the top employers are those that invest in their people. They not only treat them as key assets but also build an employee value proposition (EVP) – a unique set of benefits that an employee receives in return for the skills, capabilities, and experience they bring to a company. Randstad India’s annual study on employer branding in 2021 reveals how managing the Covid situation and putting the employees on top of everything defines how they view the organisation.

According to the study, tech major Google India has emerged as the most ‘attractive employer brand of the year, followed by Amazon India and Microsoft India.

Google India scored high on financial health, strong reputation, and attractive salary and benefits parameters — the top three Employee Value Proposition (EVP) drivers. Others in the top 10 most attractive employer brands in India for 2021 include Infosys Technologies at fourth place, followed by Tata Steel (5th), Dell Technologies Ltd (6th), IBM (7th), Tata Consultancy Services (8th), Wipro (9th) and Sony (10th).

The survey findings this year reflect a shift in employee sentiments, where work-life balance has taken center stage, making it as important as financial compensation while selecting an employer.

The research captures the views of over 190,000 respondents on 6,493 companies in 34 countries and offers insights into the perceptions and drivers of choice of potential employees.

As the world of work has dramatically transformed in just over a year, the researchers see a clear trend of employees seeking benefits beyond monetary aspects and attributing more importance to other EVP drivers like provision for full-time remote work, a COVID safe environment at physical workspaces, mental wellness support, and so on.

A culture of trust and engagement is also what makes a great employer – and this becomes more apparent during the pandemic when most employees are working remotely and collaboration tools are on the rise to keep them engaged.

The research revealed that in 2021 too, work-life balance (65%) wins over attractive salary and benefits (62%), as the most important driver for the Indian job seekers while choosing an employer. A Covid-19 compliant work environment (61%) and job security (61%) were also attractive to employees.

The report shows job seekers are more likely to accept jobs and stay in those organisations where they are valued, supported with compassion, and where the culture aligns with their own beliefs and purpose, he added.

The survey also noted that the good reputation of the employer along with the financial health of the organization was considered key factors for both male and female respondents. A higher percentage of female respondents (54%) also accorded more importance to the possibility of working remotely/from home compared to their male (49%) counterparts.

The survey further noted that 21% of Indian employees changed their employer in the last half of 2020 and 36 per cent intend to switch employers in the first half of 2021 and this behavior is more so for those employees aged 25 to 34. Additionally, 21% of those affected by Covid-19 changed their employer in the past six months.

covid-19Around 66% of white-collar employees consider attractive salaries and benefits almost of equal importance to strong management (67%) and job security (67%). Among the blue-collar workers, 64% of them consider a Covid-19 safe work environment as the most important driver. The average employee however considers work-life balance the most important driver while choosing an employer, the survey said.

Noticeably, all these top companies make their employees feel valued and help them work towards a clear, shared vision. They also offer competitive compensation, great opportunity for career advancement and transparent leadership, finds the study.

At the same time for employees, a good work-life balance and job security, health and safety, as well as salary and employee benefits notwithstanding are the top considerations while picking an employer.

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