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Which Jobs Could Boom in the COVID-19 Era?

By: Prasad Rajappan


In the time of Coronavirus epidemic, everyone is talking about a collapse of the economy across nations which will lead to a global recession. With the looming crisis, some of it might be true but there is always a silver lining to this entire scenario. So, can the demand for certain jobs increase after lockdown? The answer is ‘YES’. Even though there is a crisis due to recession on jobs in several areas including in hospitality, travel and tourism, but there are some sectors or segments that will boom with employment and might become an attractive profession.

For example, sectors like healthcare, pharma, hi-tech, manufacturing, agri-tech might see a big boom in terms of growth and expansion. We can call them the essential sectors in the ‘New Economy’.  Let’s examine the various pockets of growth in terms of booming jobs.

  1. Essential Sector and Services Will Boom: Sectors like healthtech, neo banking, fintech, agritech, pharma etc will create a lot of job opportunities in India.
  2. Support Services Will Increase: When more and more companies will seek and opt for WFH (Work from Home) the support services, logistics, facility management services will see more growth and employment in India.
  3. Indigenous Sector Growth: Made in India and Make in India will take more momentum especially in the manufacturing sectors which is the backbone of the economy. This will create and employ a lot of Indians.
  4. Agritech will see a lot of attention and Jobs: The crisis also has bought into light the importance of handling and building a strong Agricultural backbone for the country specially handling when migrant labourers are involved. We feel these sectors will be now more invested into by the state governments and create a lot of local employment especially in the Agritech sector with a lot of innovation.
  5. Technology enhancements:  With WFH (Work from Home) and Remote Working taking a front seat during these times of crisis a lot of investments will go into building this communication channel for ease. For example, innovations in HR Tech like zero touch payroll & geo-fencing which are remote supporting tools are most liked and useful for our clients in situations like these. This will increase a lot of work and job opportunities in India specially with the skilled workforce that India has in the tech field.
  6. Edtech will boom: Education Technology with Better Learning Management systems will seek a lot of investments and growth. A lot of jobs will be seen coming in this sector in the coming times.

(The author is Founder of ZingHR and the views expressed in the article are his own)

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