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Why Businesses Shouldn’t Give A Miss To Missed Call Campaign

A missed call can be highly impactful, when combined with other platforms like IVR, outbound calls, emails and SMS for integrated communication campaigns.

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Today, businesses are directly reaching their targeted audience at a minimal cost. They are always looking at offering personalized communication that easily integrate with existing systems. In other words, they are aiming at deriving actionable insights from data in their marketing campaigns. A missed call campaign is a simple way to directly communicate with customers, capture customer information without any additional costs incurred by the customers and assists in generating genuine leads.

A missed call campaign can easily integrate with existing systems, such as IVR, email or SMS. It can be followed by an SMS as a response to a missed call or combined with IVR to receive feedback, registration, product information, undertake market surveys, to share customized content with your target audience.

A missed call can work with different types of numbers, including direct inward dialing numbers, virtual mobile numbers and toll-free numbers.

Validation & Verification

A missed call alert works perfectly for customer verification. Customers can simply verify their phone number by giving a missed call on a mobile number.


If one is unsure about the kind of updates a customer would like, one can ask them to opt out or opt in according to their preference using missed calls. Opt-ins ensure zero spam registrations and save time and effort.

Quality Lead generation

It works perfectly for people in rural areas or small towns who do not have complete access to the Internet. A mobile phone is the best way for the audience to reach out to the brand. One can never miss a lead by including the virtual number in all communication campaigns. Businesses can get customer data in real time.

Collect Data (Voting and Feedback)

Missed call is one of the best ways to collect data about products and services. Companies can compare performances of different products or services directly from end users by using Missed call service.

Quick Integration with Analytic tools

Missed call solutions easily sync with custom analytics tools, such as CRM and Google Analytics to name a few. Getting insights and capturing specific user journeys with a reporting interface is easy with missed call solutions.

Maximum Reach

Giving a missed call doesn’t cost anything to the end user. Hence companies have the opportunity to get the inputs from every customer. The probability of a response or feedback increases if the company uses Missed call as an option.

A missed call campaign can be highly impactful, when combined with other platforms. These include IVR, outbound calls, emails and SMS for integrated communication campaigns. It is a reliable solution, where one can provide a Call-to-Action option with the highest engagement rate.

(The author is Rajdipkumar Gupta, MD and Group CEO of Route Mobile Limited)

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