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Why IT Professionals Leave Their Employers, Finds Study

IT professionals prefer to stay with companies that are providing innovation, learning and self-improvement opportunities.

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Why do employees leave a company? And what motivates them to stay? These are questions constantly haunting senior management in every organization that wants to grow in a people-centric economy.

A recent survey by online tech community, TechGig, comes up with some of the interesting findings in this area. It shows that most tech professionals prefer companies providing innovation, learning and self-improvement opportunities. The study finds mundane projects are the primary reasons why IT professionals leave their companies. This was unlike the popular belief that salary, perks and promotions are the reasons why people stay.

The findings give credence to the fact that innovation is the need of the hour. This is not just to gain competitive advantages, but also to retain employees. Most respondents (44%) in this survey said they would like to work on projects that give them an opportunity to innovate. And innovation beats other factors like the project longevity or having a good project manager.

The survey also explored if India’s IT professionals are happy with the learning and development avenues provided by their company. The survey findings revealed that learning opportunities mattered more to respondents as compared to other aspects like unpaid overtime and delay in salary.

In fact the lack of learning opportunities was cited as the single biggest reason of employee dissatisfaction by the IT professionals.

What makes a company an ‘employer of choice’?

The survey also solicited opinion on how any ordinary company can transition to become a ‘Best Company’. It asked IT professionals about the most important missing element that would come in the way of their company being termed as a ‘Best Company’. Any IT company that is not innovation-focused and people-focused is set to be a loser in the race to becoming the ‘Best Company’, reveals the survey findings.

Most respondents – about 31% – said that they would prefer projects that give them opportunities to learn and improve. The second highest votes (23%) went in favor of companies who have a well-established career path for their employees.

Employee health and work-life balance are ‘non-negotiable’

Companies that strive towards ensuring a good work-life balance for their employees were also perceived as ‘Best Companies’. In this regard, 36% respondents mentioned the need for sports and recreational facilities. And another 34% voted for good transportation facilities as a must-have in a ‘Best Company’.

Employees prefer ‘self-regulation’ over rules

In an aging world, India has one of the youngest population dominated by the millennial and Gen Z workers. TechGig survey findings reveal that pursuing an archaic model of governance over this young workforce will not yield rich dividends. Employees prefer self-regulation over strict rules at workplaces.

The survey findings show that an overwhelming majority of IT professionals want freedom from a set dress code. Besides, 88% want freedom in deciding how they will use the internet. And eight out of 10 want flexible work hours instead of fixed working hours.

Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig believes that the study findings can be a good indicator on how companies can reshape policies and make it a conducive work environment for today’s young workforce.

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