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World Engineer’s Day 2022 : Insights from Experts

World Engineer's Day

According to a 2019 NASSCOM survey, India generates 15 lakh engineering graduates yearly, but only 2.5 lakh are hired in the core engineering business. According to another Aspiring Minds poll, 80 percent of Indian engineers were unemployed in 2019. The demand for emerging technologies and technical improvements every day makes engineering a viable and ever-changing job. Technical employees will be expected to accomplish considerably more in the future, which implies that the demand for all sorts of engineers will rise. This is because people will become more conscious of the function that engineers play in society. Furthermore, there will be more options for engineers to find work and earn a livelihood.


“Over the last few years, we witnessed how engineers have been working to create a better world for both present and future generations by putting data and sustainability at the forefront of innovation. Their creativity and relentless pursuit of excellence have led to bringing about marvelous technological advancements time and again. As hybrid becomes the new normal, it has become imperative for engineers to work in collaboration across teams as the era of individual inventions has been replaced by the age of collective innovation. So, with the ever-evolving technological landscape, it is crucial for them to stay abreast of the latest trends and tools, more now than ever, and be agile to tackle unforeseen challenges promptly.” – Geetika Goel, Head of Technology, Hero Vired


“The role of engineers in the advancement of society is paramount. The Golden Gate Bridge, The Hoover Dam, the International Space station, etc, would all not have been built if engineers did not exist. The rapid technological developments that we have seen over the last few decades can largely be attributed to the creativity and innovation that engineers bring about. A lot of today’s engineering advancements, like the smartphone, UPI, and 5G are in the field of software and communication, which will form the basic building blocks of our lives of tomorrow. All of these are engineering feats, that our future generations will be built upon. As engineers, it is imperative that we constantly strive to learn and understand these emerging technologies. Today’s constantly evolving technological ecosystem calls for engineers to be lifelong students. So let’s, continue to learn, innovate, and dream. What you dream of now, will become a reality tomorrow” – Bijal Sanghavi, Chief Technology Officer, Netcore Cloud


Engineering has always been a popular field of study in India. Good engineers are always in demand around the globe as they help provide solutions to current problems and develop future technologies. Which is why, every country invests heavily in infrastructures and programs to educate the engineers of tomorrow. Currently, we are in transition from a classical embedded world to a connected world. Hence, today it has become paramount than ever for engineers and developers to hone their core technical skills and invest time in learning future technologies like AI, ML, and Quantum Computing. Never forget, thinking ahead is always worth it. Happy Engineers Day! – Vadiraj Krishnamurthy, CTO, VP, Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW)


“Engineers have been at the forefront of advancements in society. New inventions and discoveries made by engineers have impacted every industry, from mobility to healthcare and entertainment to climate change solutions. The scope of engineering continues to evolve alongside the growth of technologies such as blockchain. India is the birthplace of a fourth of the world’s engineers, making it an important country for technology companies seeking world-class talent. Global companies get to support the thriving ecosystem of Indian engineers by giving them the tools to discover, build, and create scalable solutions for the future” Dalip Tyagi, Head of Developer Relations at Polygon


With a strong focus innovation which includes several patents every year and new product incubations –  led by some of industry’s finest engineers and highly-skilled technical staff – has been dedicatedly helping Dell Technologies meet its goals of driving growth through technology. They have also helped us develop the best-in-class Customer Experience Centers that are designed to be solution-oriented, interactive and collaborative in nature, serving as a bridge between sales and engineering. On this Engineers Day, we would like to appreciate the spirit of one of the key pillars of our innovations: our engineers, who not only enable us to offer industry-leading solutions but also equip our partners with their modern enterprise needs across IT areas such as multicloud, edge and security through our joint engineering initiatives.” Sudha KV, Vice President, Dell Technologies India


“Technological changes and innovation have remained significant for the development of the world as a whole. Engineers are a fundamental part of all these developments, creating designs and contributing to innovation, and advancing our world remarkably. In fact, many of our day-to-day activities have been made simple and smooth due to their contributions.

With refreshing perspectives and cooperative culture, 75F provides the space and the resources for engineers in our company to work and excel. Our team of engineers has enhanced product development and provided cloud solutions and assistance in various cutting-edge systems and software solutions. They are mainly focused on the implementation and utilisation of an evolving Building Management System via IoT-enabled devices. Our engineers have developed much-needed solutions in the building automation space by delivering energy-efficient smart buildings that contribute to sustainability.

Engineers from India have made a mark in almost every walk of life around the world and also lead many of the Fortune 500 companies today. They are instrumental for our future and their role will only grow further as the years go by in tandem with the advance of technology.” – Nishant Nishoo, Director of Sales- India, 75F


“For thousands of years, engineers have amazed their contemporaries by making advances, defying the laws of physics, creating innovations that have changed the course of history. Innovating is at the core of everything engineers do, from smart vehicles to space exploration, from architecture to antibiotics. Engineers have transformed the way our world functions. Engineers are creative problem solvers, and artists who consistently come up with innovative solutions and make things better and more practical. The playing ground for engineers is shifting via digitization and technology advancement. Today, engineers have access to more real-time data, utilisation of resources, tool performance, allowing them to consider improvements that can be achieved in months through algorithms (rather than years or decades). The computing capacity has gone exponentially up where every individual carries computing device (in form of mobile) with them.  Engineers can greatly increase the adoption by having greater user experience, in a connected world via Cloud, IoTs, AR/VR, AI/ML, Quantum to optimise the output/performance of tools. In order to keep the engineer’s productivity at an all-time high, both corporates and academics together need to create a culture of continuous learning, and invest in their future by providing training, and promoting innovation.” -Munishk Gupta, EVP, Fulcrum Digital Inc.


“Our engineers are the backbone of our industry. They have invested their time and energy to build a robust technology ecosystem that has put us on the global map. Today, India has become a leading tech innovation and resource hub, fueling growth for both domestic and overseas markets. 

At Saankhya Labs, from being the country’s first fabless company to developing the world’s first Software Defined Radios (SDR) chipsets, our journey has been incredible because of our deep-tech engineers who have innovated and contributed to our growth immensely.

As we celebrate National Engineer’s Day to commemorate the great work of engineers, I thank all our engineers for accelerating our tech journey and making India a technologically advanced nation. With the perfect blend of skilled youth and the world’s best tech institutions that have produced engineering talents who are today leading global tech giants, we shall continue to innovate and create better, more sustainable solutions for the world.” – Hemant Mallapur, Co-Founder and EVP Engineering, Saankhya Labs


“Engineering has always been a lucrative career with increasing growth outlook options among students in the past decade especially due to the rising demand for professionals with technical knowledge. It will continue to be in demand from this point forward due to the greater investments in industrial and technological infrastructure.

Having an engineering degree in today’s ever-evolving landscape is not only the first step towards building a successful career, but also helps one develop an analytical bent of mind as a life skill. Even as we look at the engineering talent across the country, skilling /upskilling continues to be of huge focus amongst the fraternity due to the sheer need to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the segment. In fact, in the last three years alone, on average, we have seen a 55% increase in learners from engineering backgrounds enrolling for our programs in domains like Data Science, AIML, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Full Stack development etc. India annually produces 15 lakh engineers. Harnessing and developing their skillsets can provide a significant contribution in India’s economic growth and development.” – Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-Founder, Great Learning


“Engineers are one of the most versatile professionals given that their presence is virtually in almost all industry verticals. Today, engineers are leading not only their core businesses, of course, but are at the forefront of every major emerging technology and start-up. I feel that the 4 years of a typical engineering programme provides enough opportunities to explore beyond what an engineer is expected to accomplish within the confines of just their coursework. Such a flexibility to search for their passion, and be inherently motivated to excel at it, is actually needed if we ever wish to thrive as a species in the future.”Saurav Goyal, Founding Team and Chief Operating Officer, Metastable Materials


“In today’s day and age, engineers are making a tremendous positive impact on everyone’s daily lives and lifestyle, whichever way you look at it. Today’s world is much more driven by tech now than ever. Of course, more of these advancements are driven by applied technologies, whereas percolation of knowledge is a gap in our educational system that needs too be filled. Unlike the West, in India we don’t upgrade and apply too much while we are in studying in schools and colleges. Thus, the need of the hour is to impart more emphasis on creating new innovations rather than reinventing the wheel. The culture of entrepreneurship needs to travel inside the classrooms and brought to life by more and more young engineers.”Anand Suman, Founder of Cinnamon Homes.


“The application of science and tech to make a positive impact and therby transform humanity is the basic principle on which engineering thrives. Today, engineers are at the forefront of nation-building and revolutionising a plethora of industry sectors, going beyond the core engineering aspects. For instance, filling the existing gaps and inefficienies in the media and public relations ecosystem is one mandate that new-age engineers can and should take up. Going forward, engineering is destined to become a way of life, as and when our society’s engineers continue to rise above limitations and create pathbreaking innovations through entrepreneurship as well as their professional career contributions.” –Rishu Singh, Founder, PRandit Solutions


“Engineering as a field always helps one to develop a problem-solving approach if taken seriously. This aids not only in the resolution of business-as-usual problem statements but also to build new products and tools for engineering benefits. Overall, this helps to grow businesses across the globe as well as communities for a better life. Without constant upskilling, one would not survive in the long term in the ever-evolving engineering landscapes as well as domains elsewhere too! In such cases, platforms like Great Learning are ever notable for providing the right set of guidance and mindset; however, it’s all up to the hard work of one.” –Suddhasatwa Bhaumik, Strategic Cloud Engineer- Data, Google


”Engineering has been the cornerstone of the immeasurable progress we’ve made as a country, as well as globally. While technology moves ahead, engineers are the first to build on it, and execute visionary ideas. At Ennoventure Inc, we understand the value of the scientific temper that engineering gives and are grateful to have worked with many who have contributed to taking our company onwards and upwards. This Engineering Day, we salute all the hardworking engineers who can truly realize the visions of technological advancement and bring them to the people.”  –Shalini V Nair, Co-Founder and Board Director, Ennoventure Inc
‘Engineering is not just about a degree, but a creative, problem-solving mindset, that comes up with new ways to design, construct, analyze, and improve intricate physical or digital systems. 

With the breakneck speed of innovation and a steady flow of change in the technological universe, this year’s Engineering Day is particularly meaningful to me and to my team at NowPurchase. Constant innovation in tech means that engineers must keep themselves up to date with current trends and future projections in the field. No matter how long an engineer has been in the field, it is important to be a learner for life. On this day, we celebrate everyone who aspires to be problem-solvers among us & those who have made vast contributions to engineering through their work and are still eagerly learning as they go.” –
Naman Shah, CEO and Founder, NowPurchase

“In the last five years, engineering and technology have almost completely changed the way that Indian businesses work; they have also made day-to-day life easier for ordinary Indians. As late as 2015, digital payments through programming interfaces were unheard of, but today, India is witnessing over 6 billion UPI transactions a month. Covid gave us a heightened awareness of the healing power of AI-based solution engineering. Edge computing and computer vision have brought decision-making ability near to where sensors generate data and is triggering amazing innovation from manufacturing to Agritech; it is injecting intelligence into our cities, buildings and airports. The engineer is in the middle of this revolution; it is engineering innovation that is touching and impacting millions of lives.” – Sreekrishnan Venkiteswaran, Chief Technology Officer, Kyndryl India.


“For decades, Indians have contributed greatly to the global technology landscape. Having been an engineer and a leader for the past 25 years, I can certainly say that engineering is an ever- evolving field that adapts to changes swiftly according to the needs and demands of the world. At present, the planet is under a dire crisis of destruction and the hope lies on upcoming engineers to focus on sustainable technological advancement that aim to achieve a greener future.

Sustainability is a necessity today, and organisations are increasingly stepping up their efforts to achieve a greater positive impact on the environment. For the preservation and well-being of the environment, young people who aspire to become engineers should anticipate more in the effort to design, implement, and create a sustainable pathway. The new generation of engineers should emphasise creating solutions that can eliminate the world’s fundamental issues, such as pollution and waste management. As the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow, their core objective should be to facilitate cooperation with other global leaders by implementing a holistic approach to engagement and dialogue to promote a safer tomorrow.

On this Engineers’ Day, we, at Pi Green Innovations, pledge to foster perspectives that empower the young engineering community to have intelligent ideas, incorporate sustainable development, and contribute toward an ideal world to live in.” – Umesh Sawant, Chief Operating Officer, Pi Green Innovations Pvt. Ltd


“Given the explosion of the internet, we are living in a hyperconnected world where the distance between physical and virtual worlds has diminished. This is not a new phenomenon anymore and in the last decade, such widespread digitization has enabled India to shine its technology prowess on a global scale, redefining various industries with innovation.

Engineers have been at the centerstage throughout, and their role in this techade will further define how we create an efficient and sustainable, phygital world. This means everything from core commerce to healthcare to government will have to be re-imagined. While core engineering will remain intact, the use of modern tech such as AI/ML, Data Science, Analytics, RPA, Blockchain etc. will be more mainstream, giving rise to more specialized job roles, and need for niche skillsets from the upcoming workforce.

Here at Lowe’s, our engineers are using various advanced tech to transform omni-channel home improvement retail and redefining our ability to connect with customers seamlessly where they want and when they want.” – Mayur Purandar, VP Enterprise Architecture, Lowe’s India 


“Engineers are the building blocks of humanity, who are relentlessly leading our country and economy to scale-up growth and development. To ensure realization of the fullest potential of our engineers, we need to invest in upskilling of engineers to enhance their knowledge towards improving both technical and vocational skillsets along with new-age digital skills to make them industry-ready. Furthemore, today’s engineers need to look at aspects beyond core engineering to explore various facets of entrepreneurship by building upon their tech expertise.”Alok Katiyar, Co-Founder, WeClinic Homoeopathy

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