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3SC Solutions appoints Aleksandrs Sidorecs as Director of Europe

Leading supply chain Analytics Company 3SC Solutions is on a global expansion journey, making several new appointments to enhance its leadership portfolio. The company has now announced that Aleksandrs Sidorecs has joined the company as its new Director of Europe. Mr. Sidorecs possesses a strong background in supply chain technology, having led several regional and global turnaround initiatives for Fortune 500 companies in consumer goods, food and retail, pharmaceutical, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Later in his career, Mr. Sidorecs also served in a number of key sales and business development roles. Driven by his commitment to helping clients make a quantum leap in supply chain performance, he has time and again leveraged analytics, visibility, and a pragmatic approach towards the implementation of the digital twins in the environment of “never normal” and sustainability challenges.

Based in Switzerland, Aleksandrs lives in the Geneva Lake region of the country with his wife and three children. He is also involved actively in the local start-up ecosystem and was a co-founder of two major projects in the past. Currently, he is also chairing several professional associations in Switzerland and Europe, in combination with his ongoing Ph.D. project related to “autonomous supply chain systems”.

A strong believer in the motto of “the future is promising, but it is never promised”, he expressed great pleasure at the appointment and the privilege of co-leading the organization. Powered by its long-term vision of creating a cognitive engine for supply chain digital twins, autonomous operating systems, and enabling a more sustainable footprint, Mr. Sidorecs will help 3SC redouble its efforts in bringing together talent, technical, and solution capabilities for organizations in the region.Lalit Das, Founder & CEO, 3SC Solutions, said, “It is of immense pleasure for us to welcome Mr. Aleksandrs Sidorecs to our team in Switzerland. His strong knowledge of supply chain technology and experience of working with some of the giants of the industry will be an added benefit for our strategy in the reason. We expect that his knowledge and expertise will bring new insights for our teams and will helpful in expanding our reach within the region and beyond.”

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