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Altimetrik launches ‘WINGS’ to increase women representation incrementally by 10% in India workforce by end of 2021

U.S.-based Digital Business Company will deploy proprietary tech platform, Playground, to hire women re-entering the job market in India

  • WINGS to attract women talent, nurture leaders and create enabling workplace
  • To be launched for India women employees first before global roll out
  • Company plans to hire 8-10 senior women executives by December 2021
  • Playground to assess women programmers on career break for 6 months to 3 years   
  •  Targets 80% conversion into full-time roles through diversity initiatives
  • Ties-up with multiple diversity partners to boost the Inclusion agenda


Altimetrik a U.S.-based, digital business enablement company has given a major boost to its diversity mandate for the India market with the introduction of Women’s Initiative for Networking Growth and Success (WINGS). The initial focus is on hiring women in India and will launch on International Women’s Day (IWD). WINGS to be launched for India women employees first before global roll out.

Altimetrik aims to grow its India ratio of women employees from 22% to 32% incrementally by end of 2021 through its digital talent Playground platform, sensitization, skilling and mental wellness initiatives.

The company, through its ‘Rebound Back to Work program,’ will also rehire women coding experts who have been on a career break between 6 months and 3 years.

Altimetrik is deploying its proprietary Playground platform to conduct hackathons, Coding Challenges and assess female candidates. It is expecting 1,500 registrations and approximately an 80% conversion rate into full-time employee roles through internal as well as third party recruitment drives.

Commenting on the launch of WINGS, Krishna Muniramaiah, Head of HR for APAC, Altimetrik said, “WINGS is our support network of the women, by the women, and for the women of Altimetrik. Just as a robust support system at home empowers a woman to return to work, likewise a workplace network can go a long way in fulfilling their career and growth aspirations. We took IWD as the right occasion to launch WINGS, to recognize and augment the contribution of our diverse talent whilst creating a positive workplace where more women can contribute as equals to the growth of our company.”

The firm is creating a gender positive workplace through several measures namely:


  • Signing up with Diversity specialist vendors to ramp up hiring
  • Introducing exclusive Employee Referral campaigns for women
  • Sensitizing dedicated HR specialists to focus on diversity programs
  • Upgrading internal hiring tool to ensure gender inclusive job descriptions and processes
  • TA has been sensitized to focus on WINGS diversity initiatives to meet diversity hiring goals


Learn and ‘Lean in’

  • Sensitization workshops for male and female line managers to raise awareness on gender bias and psychological barriers such as Imposter Syndrome, Unconscious bias
  • Workshops for women on self-awareness, financial planning, reproductive health, mental wellness, legal issues etc.
  • Provide support from experienced women colleagues for expecting mothers, new parents, etc.


24×7 Mental Health Consultation 

  • Provide women employees with 24×7 counseling support through tie-up with Dr. Insta – an online doctor consultation provider
  • Address Covid-19 exacerbated mental health related aspects for women:
  • Psychology – Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues
  • Psychiatry – Personality Disorders, Psychoses, Phobias & Addictions, OCD and other Mental Illnesses
  • Counseling – One-on-one

Well-being Sessions

  • Conduct quarterly sessions on mental wellbeing, work-life balance and meditation practices through tie-ups with insurance providers.

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