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Appinventiv, a Pioneer in Digital Transformation Space, Teams Up With JobGet to Revolutionise the Recruitment Industry

Appinventiv teamed up with JobGet to build a product that reduced the job fulfilment period to 3 days from what earlier used to be 70-93 days.

Appinventiv, a pioneer in digital transformation services, recently announced its partnership with JobGet, the world’s leading recruitment website for blue-collared workers. With its unparalleled expertise and penchant for innovation, Appinventiv is helping build a more robust digital asset that is reshaping the employment landscape by making it instant, accessible, and efficient.

Through its efforts, Appinventiv helped JobGet bag seed funding of $2.1 million in the initial stage. The company raised a staggering $52 million in series B funding during a period of economic downturn when investors were sceptical and were freezing funding of new ideas, making JobGet a success story like no other.

Appinventiv helped JobGet reduce the job fulfilment period to 3 days, but this was no easy task. According to Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute research, the number of days it takes to fill an open position in a skilled blue-collar job is between 70 to 93 days.

As a result, the user base grew manifold, and the app recorded over two million downloads. JobGet was also honoured with the “MIT Inclusive Innovation award” and “Gold Award from Mass Challenge,” which speaks volumes about JobGet’s potential.

Speaking on the role Appinventiv played in JobGet’s success, the company’s CTO and co-founder Billy Lan said, “We were looking for an agency that understood the direness of the hourly worker job search cycle, and Appinventiv fit the bill perfectly. They not only understood what we were looking for but also gave ideas that made the process more simplified and efficient for job seekers through their empathy mapping skillset”.

‘Redesigning Recruitment’: Using Tech & Innovation to Boost Hiring

Faced with the challenge of bridging a structural disconnect between the estimated 10 million job openings and 6 million US workers out of work, Jobget required an app that could facilitate direct connections between job seekers and hiring managers.

Appinventiv understood the challenge and helped shorten the job search process from months to days. By making the user profiles resume-like to save employers the time it takes to download and read into multiple resumes, adding location-based search to eliminate excess travel time, and by adding the facility of having in-app interviews, Appinventiv’s team of innovators helped cut the search process timeline down to three days.

“Our aim from the start was to help streamline the recruitment process at JobGet through our digital transformation services that rely on a strong conviction in the trinity of technology, innovation, and improvisation. As a disruptive company providing cutting-edge tech solutions, Appinventiv has helped over 74 percent of all its startup clients secure millions in funding, and our success with JobGet is no exception,” said Peeyush Singh, Director at Appinventiv.

Delivering outstanding products through innovation and state-of-the-art technology is Appinventiv’s strength, but what sets it apart is the company’s ability to go the extra mile to understand what the client exactly needs. For this, Appinventiv conducted a Product Discovery Workshop to internalise the client’s vision and to gauge what features could help achieve the objective.

Additionally, to make the job-seeking process time-friendly, the company employed AI matching technology that helped make the job-seeking process location-specific using GPS integration.

Digital Innovation, Real World Impact

Employers have noticed, too. More than 50,000 companies use JobGet to post jobs, including Home Depot, California Pizza Kitchen, Showcase Cinemas, and Taco Bell.

“Our app is just the beginning. We are building a new platform that enables deeper relationships between our talented hourly workers and hiring managers, with intelligent technology connecting both to better opportunities,” said Jobget CEO and Co-Founder Tony Liu.

Appinventiv, a leading digital transformation enabler with an army of 1000+ developers, helps startups build scalable products and assist enterprises with seamless digital transformation adoption.

The solution Appinventiv offers comes with flexibility, scalability, and the capability to adopt digital transformation across the business seamlessly. This service methodology has landed them firmly in the US, MENA, and Europe, along with public sector entities of the Qatar & Indian governments.

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