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Clop ransomware gang demands victim organisations get in touch by 14 June 2023: Comment by Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO, Tenable

“Russian cyber gang Clop’s move to demand victims negotiate the ransom for their data isn’t new or surprising. Many organisations end up paying the ransom. Organisations that use MOVEit software should assume risk and engage in incident response to determine the potential impact, if any. Russia’s cyberwar is changing the way criminals launch their attacks, and now we’re seeing the widespread effect this is having on critical national infrastructure, as hungry cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities.


“This is just the start of organisations revealing they’ve been impacted and we can expect to see many more businesses and governments impacted, especially those not aggressively addressing known vulnerabilities.

“Vulnerabilities are disclosed every day, with threat actors just waiting to see if they can be weaponised and monetised. Instead of waiting to be attacked and then responding, it’s vital that security teams take a proactive approach by improving their cyber hygiene. The need to proactively manage risk to the business has never been more critical nor more obvious.” — Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO, Tenable

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