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Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru marches on with Collaborator and Autodesk

March 2020Dayananda Sagar University (DSU), one of the leading universities of India, notches another milestone by renewing its partnership with Collaborator and Autodesk in setting-up of an innovation lab- Autodesk Design Lab– to enhance technical and design knowledge among faculty and pursuers in Engineering and other related fields.

Technology has pervaded all over, and industry is not an exception. Since ‘teaching framework’ has become the need of the hour, DSU has partnered with fortune 500 companies and technology entities to facilitate faculty and students in the engineering and other related fields a window of exposure to the digital design pedagogy. The prime objective of launching this lab is to enable faculty comprehend the advancements in the knowledge transfer process as well as remain on the forefront through a Global Certification programme. Autodesk also shapes and nurtures students in understanding and application of concepts.

Autodesk in association with Collaborator has agreed to have a 30-seater Autodesk Design lab with computers with high-end configuration to support the free installation of Autodesk Software. Collaborator has been given the room to build teaching modules in compliance with the Autodesk’s requirements to facilitate the student community worldwide. Autodesk too ensures that the course training is delivered by a certified subject expert exclusively to the faculty of DSU.  The courses would not confine to just Digital Design and Make courses for Mechanical and related disciplines but also other innovative concepts in the field as well. The courses are also immersive in nature as they encourage applied learning where students are evaluated based on hands-on learning strategy. To further make learning relatable, Collaborator’s academy has agreed to host a range of Design competitions and exhibitions to make students gain a practical knowledge of concepts through the application of digital tools in the course.

Speaking on signing this MOU, Dr A.N.N Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of DSU said, “The sustainable partnership between Collaborator and Autodesk sets a new tone in the face of the changing contour of the academic landscape at DSU, thereby creating a launch pad to its students and faculty to a wide range of prospects and opportunities.”


Autodesk and Collaborator’s academy have consented to deliver courses on the latest industry trends with an aim to make students globally competitive, enhance job skills and make them future-ready.

About DSU:
Dayananda Sagar University is a multi-faculty and multi-disciplinary university offering rich and diverse programs in Health Sciences, Engineering, Computer Applications, Basic & Applied Sciences, Arts and Management at the Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels. It is paving newer ways in emerging areas of science and technology by providing sophisticated innovation labs and incubation centres in the domains such as health care, energy, life science and other developing fields. The University’s strategic planning, teaching and learning policies and research activities have always earned respect for its concerns for the society.

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