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DigiBoxx Launches Digital Asset Management Platform for D2C Businesses at the IAMAI D2C Founders Meet

The SaaS-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) service addresses challenges related to content management, collaboration and organization

DigiBoxx, India’s first cloud storage platform, has launched its digital asset management (DAM) platform for D2C businesses at the IAMAI D2C Founders Exclusive Meet in Goa.

D2C and digital-first businesses brands rely on content creation to engage with its customers through videos, content marketing plans, commercials and advertisements. More often than not, these entities experience poor collaborative experience caused by data silos on disparate platforms, inconsistent workflows, version conflicts, with the risk of copyright violations as well.

The DigiBoxx digital asset management platform addresses these pain points; it brings all stakeholders—like designers, copywriters, video editors, marketers and managers—on a SaaS platform where they can plan, ideate, create and execute in a seamless manner.

“Since the DigiBoxx DAM environment brings all concerned parties on the same page, it unlocks synergies that allow the team’s ideation and creative forces to take centerstage in the workflow,” said Abhijit Ray, CTO, DigiBoxx.

The DigiBoxx digital asset management platform’s capabilities garnered a lot of interest from entrepreneurs at the IAMAI D2C Founders Meet. While attending the session, Midhula Devabhaktuni, Co-founder, Mivi said, “Digital Asset Management is becoming central to businesses and I was very interested to learn more about the digital asset management solution developed by DigiBoxx.”

“DigiBoxx is a Made In India file storage platform and I think they have an interesting proposition here; their Digital Asset Management is a great asset to have and D2C can benefit from them overall,” voiced Mohit Lalwani, Founder & Serial Entrepreneur, Captain Zack after listening to Abhijit Ray’s session.

DAM enables its users to create a structured workflow for digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, animations, and games, to interactive ads, movies, etc. It allows users to label, search, share, edit, revert to older versions, interact with colleagues, and manage access rights without putting the data itself at risk.

About DigiBoxx:

DigiBoxx is a SaaS start-up that provides a digital storage and asset management platform for individuals, gig workers, SMBs and corporates. It is a Made-in-India service that is intuitive, secure and enables efficient collaboration. Since its inception in 2020, DigiBoxx has won over 1 Million hearts with its competitive pricing plans for individuals and customizable packages for SMBs and corporates. To know more, visit:

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