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EnableX and C-Zentrix Announce Partnership to Revolutionise Customer Service Solutions


EnableX adds full-stack of communication capabilities, such as video and audio, to CZ-chat’s text chat functions for an engaging customer experience


EnableX, one of the fastest-growing Communication Platform-as-a-Service provider, and C-Zentrix, a leading customer experience solutions provider, today announced their partnership to enhance the latter’s gamut of customer service solutions with EnableX’s voice and video communication capabilities.


To begin with, the two companies unveil the first product that has augmented – CZ Chat.  A leading online omnichannel chat that comes with integration with various messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and others, along with web analytics capabilities, CZ Chat will have its communications capabilities expanded from text chats to include audio and video calls as well. Additionally, now, it will also have collaborative features such as Screen sharing and recording.


“The digital revolution has transformed the way consumers behave and interact. Consumers expect immediate and engaging communications beyond just text chat to voice and video which is more personal and effective. By partnering with EnableX, we can quickly and easily embed additional communication channels like Video within CZ Chat to drive deeper customer engagement and build meaningful customer relationship” said Mr Saket Setu, Chief Executive Officer, C-Zentrix.


This all-in-one solution will differentiate CZ Chat in multiple ways.  First, it gives consumers a choice to use their preferred communication channel(s). A consumer can start off with text chat or a phone call and move on to voice or video chat when more in-depth conversations are required. Second, a video call allows agents to view the customer’s state of emotion and express empathy, both verbally and visually. This facilitates better customer engagement. In addition, the “see-what-I-see” experience via video allows the agent to better understand the context of the issue and address it accurately.


“A consumer may prefer to make simple inquiries over a text message but when faced with a complex purchase or when making a significant decision, like applying for a mortgage, most consumers would want to talk to a qualified human expert over a video call. Once on a video call, together with screen sharing, co-browsing and annotation features, consumers can engage in an in-depth discussion. This results in reducing the time-to-resolve rate and improves customer experience” said Mr Pankaj Gupta, CEO and Founder of EnableX.


The enhanced audio and video communications capabilities are completely embedded within CZ Chat and are transparent to the users. This means that consumers will not need to exit the CZ Chat to access another video/audio communication tool to connect with the agent. This also means that historical communication data is readily accessible by customer service staff, providing the full context of the conversation.


“The EnableX carrier-grade platform comes with easy-to-use APIs allowing businesses to swiftly add live voice, video and other communication channels directly into the context of any website, software or mobile application, enabling seamless in-app conversations. Businesses don’t need to invest in costly proprietary hardware that lacks adaptability and scalability. EnableX allows service providers like C-Zentrix to go-to-market quickly and at minimum cost,” said Mr Gupta.


The newly launched CZ video chat is available to enterprise customers via C-Zentrix’s global offices. “We are very excited about the new all-in-one CZ Chat and expect our customers to have a complete omni channel capability for superior customer experience. The full-stack of text, audio and video communications capabilities is what customers are demanding as they engage with businesses. Our customers can now provide a video contact center!”, said Mr Arijit Chatterji, Chief Business Officer, C-Zentrix.

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