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Esper to host an Ask Me Anything Session to Discuss Post-COVID Trends in Android IoT Innovation space

Esper is hosting an Ask Me Anything session with Shiv Sundar, Co-Founder and COO of Esper on July 9th at 11 AM IST. The Q&A webinar is open for all, and the agenda for the session will be the following-

  • Android IoT Innovation
  • Industry Mobility Trends Post-COVID
  • Socially-Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Startup Growth & More

Join the session by visiting Esper’s company website or by registering here at AMA.

  • Timing: 11 AM IST
  • Date- 9 July, 2020

Recently, Esper announced they will provide free access to their Android DevOps tools for innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide. The startup hopes to create a healthier global ecosystem of Android innovation and lasting impact in healthcare, education, and other industries.

Esper is a Madrona Ventures-backed startup for Android DevOps with rapidly growing global customer adoption among major brands, startups, and nonprofits across industries. The firm’s core product is advanced device and app management tools for single-purpose Android devices of any form factor, including kiosks, mobile point-of-sale (mPoS), and non-traditional IoT hardware. Esper is free for fleets of 100 or fewer devices, and priced very affordably for larger fleets

About Esper

Esper is a cloud platform that automates application deployment and management for Android devices. Using Esper, enterprises can configure and monitor Android devices for various use cases, keep them secure to help their business function seamlessly. Esper also specializes in streamlining the process for building, deploying, and managing apps on devices for POS, restaurants, kiosks, logistics, and transportation at scale.

Esper operates out of Bengaluru and Seattle and specializes in meeting the requirements of markets in US, Canada, India, and SE Asia.

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