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New From Zoom: Enhanced Language Support, Expanded Whiteboard Access, and More! By Theresa Larkin

Kids are heading back to school, fall sports are starting, and we are back with another round of exciting updates! This month’s release is chock-full of features to help you create more equitable meeting experiences, engage event attendees, and improve customer experiences.


Learn about our enhanced language and captioning features for meetings and webinars, the latest whiteboard updates, and more.

Zoom One

Zoom One brings together chat and channels, whiteboard, meetings, and other Zoom products so your teams have the solutions they need to get more done together.

Zoom Chat

External user notice

Avoid unintentionally sharing private information or data with a notification of an external user in a chat or channel. The note appears above the message box in 1:1 chats, group chats, and chat channels that include people outside your organization.

Zoom Meetings

More caption languages, plus self-enablement

Zoom automated captions automatically provide speaker subtitles during a Zoom meeting or webinar in the language that the speaker is speaking. Automated captions are now available in 12 languages for all free and paid Zoom accounts (excluding Zoom for Government accounts). Multi-language automated captions were previously only available for specific Zoom One accounts.


These are the supported languages for automated captions:

  • Chinese Mandarin – Simplified (beta)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese (beta)
  • Korean (beta)
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian


You can turn on automated captioning and select your preferred languages in the Zoom web portal.



Additionally, anyone can now self-enable automated captions without having to ask the host as long as the host has the feature enabled in the web settings. We are also working to further improve caption self-enablement, including standardizing the captioning button in all meetings where captions are available. Read more about managing Zoom automated captioning.


And we just released an add-on for paid Zoom accounts – Translated Captions. Learn more about using this feature to bridge the language gap and connect people.


Allow up to 25 custom languages for interpretation

If you would like additional language support in your meetings or webinars using interpreters, users on Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts can enable Language Interpretation. Zoom includes nine standard languages with this feature, but we’ve expanded the number of custom languages. Now, when scheduling a meeting or webinar, you can allow up to 25 custom languages for interpretation. This option is only available if Enable language interpretation by default has been enabled.


Broadcast mic audio to Breakout Rooms
Meeting hosts can now broadcast their microphone audio to all Breakout Rooms in a meeting. This allows meeting hosts to provide participants with important information or reminders without visiting each room individually.


Contact card for meeting hosts
Want to learn more about a meeting host or connect with them before a scheduled meeting? View any upcoming meeting in the Zoom desktop client’s Home or Meetings tab and hover your cursor over the hosts’s name to see their contact details. You can quickly connect with the host by selecting the Chat option next to their name or also connect via video, or SMS. And if the host is not already a contact, you’ll have the option to add them.


Zoom Whiteboard

It’s been exciting to see how our customers have been using Zoom Whiteboard to bring their ideas to life. Here are a few updates that will help include others in the conversation and further enhance collaboration!


Localization for all supported languages
International teams can now enjoy Zoom Whiteboard’s out-of-meeting menus and UI in the language of their choice. Choose any of the supported languages in your Zoom profile and, voila, your Zoom Whiteboard will use the same language.


Object and canvas context menus

Quickly access a context menu to copy, paste, duplicate, add a comment, and adjust the layer (bring to front, send to back, etc.) of an object in Zoom Whiteboard. All you have to do is right-click the object and a context menu will appear!


Hide inactive cursors
To reduce the on-screen clutter during whiteboard sessions, inactive collaboration cursors, which are the labeled cursors of other attendees, will disappear until active again. Whiteboard users can also choose whether to see every collaborator’s cursor when viewing a whiteboard.


Grant Access chat notifications

Are your whiteboard collaborators using various chat solutions? No problem! You can now share whiteboards across Microsoft Teams and Slack chats via the “Grant Access” notification, which gives the whiteboard owner the ability to quickly grant access and set permissions for the requestor.

Zoom IQ for Sales

In this update, we’ve created some new features to help you and your teams more easily navigate your sales conversations and simplify the process of reviewing recorded content.


Topics of interest



Save time reviewing calls and discover new insights by having Zoom IQ for Sales track and present the moments across meetings and calls in which your preferred topics are discussed. Set your topics of interest in the admin panel to tailor the experience to your specific teams and departments, and click on the desired topic when reviewing a call to jump to the relevant section.


Automated Next Steps

Maintain the momentum you’ve created in your calls with Automated Next Steps. This feature automatically identifies and captures the next steps stakeholders in a buying conversation need to take after a call, freeing sellers to focus on the conversation and reducing the chances of forgetting any critical next step and stakeholder.


Hubspot and Monday CRM integrations

We’ve added two new CRM integrations – Hubspot and Monday – in addition to Salesforce and Dynamics 365. Combine customer data from your CRM with the conversational insights within Zoom IQ for Sales to give a unique view of the health of your opportunities

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For more information on Zoom platform updates, check out our release notes.

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