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Extreme IX partners with CtrlS, establishes Internet eXchange Point at CtrlS data center in Mumbai

  • Collaboration is aimed to improve latency and stability of  connectivity while enhancing redundancy and lowering costs


Extreme IX, India’s leading Internet Exchange Point recently collaborated with CtrlS Datacenters to start its POP in CtrlS facility in Mahape, Navi Mumbai to provide consumers access to superior interconnection services. The launch of the Point of Presence (PoP) in Navi Mumbai is a part of the recently announced expansion plans to address the growing internet consumption while ensuring buffer and lag-free experience, making it a total of 12 PoPs in Extreme IX – Mumbai.

The strategic partnership with CtrlS will extend cutting-edge technology to the members of the network, thus making the interconnection seamless. Through these points of access, the company in collaboration with CtrlS is consistently working towards extending its mission to help the internet service provider ecosystem by boosting local traffic exchange.

Commenting on the announcement of the new locations, Raunak Maheshwari, Executive Director, Extreme group shared, “Extreme IX since the beginning of its operations in India is working towards establishing a well organised data transfer ecosystem. We are elated to announce our partnership with CtrlS. Our strategic and long-lasting collaboration to extend services across the country will help bring internet-enabled content closer to the end-consumers while encouraging more companies to adopt our services.”

Currently servicing out of 24 points of access across the country, Extreme IX with its steady expansion is attempting to enable a more neutral and faster interconnection platform in the country.

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS said, ”Data centers and Internet Exchange Points are the perfect combination that can lead to the speedy adoption of Digital India. We are excited to be partnering with Extreme IX, our partnership will enable consumers to opt for reliable and efficient interconnection solutions.” He further added, “Our customers will benefit from reduced latency, lowered cost backed by robust internet connectivity, besides improved user experience.”

India is one of the biggest internet consumers in the world and thus the demand for an efficient interconnection service is increasing. Extreme IX currently has a network of over 350+ ISPs directly connecting content providers like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and Akamai. Participants in Extreme IX increased by 40% in the year 2020 and is currently operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

About Extreme Group

Extreme Group has deep insight in the wireline broadband business. Extreme IX enables peering which significantly reduces bandwidth cost for the ISPs and improves end user experience as ISPs are able to deliver content at ultra-fast speeds. Apart from running the largest IX of India, Extreme also provides state of art Caching and Content Acceleration Solution to help ISPs not only save transit (ILL) but also utilize their LAN capacities fully. Extreme is enabling cable ISPs to offer high-speed downloads to its customers and brings the ultra-fast Internet to India.

About Internet Exchange

An Internet exchange point (IX) is a physical location through which Internet infrastructure companies such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content providers, CDNs & Enterprises connect with each other. IX is an enabler for fixed broadband in the country and helps in getting more users on broadband internet, reducing costs and making more money for providers as well as enriching end user experience by enabling multiple screens in one house.


About CtrlS

CtrlS is Asia’s Largest Rated 4 Hyperscale Data Center provider, serving 60 of the Fortune 500 Companies including 4,000 customers worldwide operating one million square feet of data center space spread across seven data centers located in Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The company is in the process of building an additional 5 million square feet of Rated-4 Hyperscale data center facilities in the country.

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