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Flock launches a host of new features for an enhanced WFH experience

Flock, the leading workplace communication and collaboration platform has launched a host of new features to make communication seamless across teams and departments. These latest features will enable users to use the platform with ease and comfort.

The new features of the platform are as follows –

1.    Advanced Search – The Search function on Flock enables you to find texts, polls, links, tagged images etc. shared by your teammates in your channels or one-one chats. It also helps zero in on the right content with the Advanced Search option. The advanced search option is great for filtering out results and narrowing down on the message you are looking for.

2.    Dark Theme on Mobile – You can switch Flock to a sleeker, darker look that works across Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web app! The dark theme, previously only on desktop, is now available for Flock mobile on Android and iOS. The platform’s new dark theme makes it so much easier to focus on what really matters—your conversations. The outcome is a beautiful new Flock experience that is easy on the eyes, even more so in low-light conditions. It also helps extend your device’s battery life (OLED displays).

3.    Choose GIF send – Brighten up your conversations with GIFs! You can now share Giphy in two ways, first being the original slash command and another way is by attachment picker! In any conversation, type “/giphy” (omit quotes) followed by a short message (keyword). A search window will pop-up wherein you can select the GIF of your choice. For Attachment picker, Click on the + button available on the left-hand side of the chat bar. Select the option called “Giphy”. A search window will pop-up wherein you can select the GIF of your choice. Search and select a Giphy of your choice and hit send!

4.    New emoji reactions  An emoji is worth a thousand words and we’re making it easier for you to express yourself. Reactions on Flock allow users to respond to a particular message with an emoji instead of a standard text response. Flock has 20 emoji reactions that a user can choose from. This feature is available in one-one chats as well as in channels in a team!

5.    Rich message formatting – Sending text messages just got a lot more vibrant with Flock. Check out the new text editing tools that are now available! You can follow the steps as shown below to edit text:

–          Click on a channel/chat

–          Click on the message editor at the bottom of the chat window

–          Type out a message and click on the “Aa” icon on the bottom right

–          You will find various options to highlight your texts like:

○     Bold

○     Italics

○     Underlight

○     Font Colour

○     Hyperlinks

6.   Swipe to reply feature – Swipe right on the message to reply on Flock for mobile devices. To reply privately to someone who sent a message in a group, tap and hold the message. Alternatively, tap and hold the message, then tap Reply. Enter your response and tap Send.

About Flock

Flock is a real-time communication and collaboration platform for modern teams. It offers a rich and intuitive messenger, as well as modules to help teams manage their people and processes better and automate workflows. Flock comes with a powerful platform that allows users to integrate frequently used external apps and even build custom app, bots, and integrations. Flock is supported across all platforms, including Desktop (Windows and Mac), Mobile (iOS and Android), and the Web.

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