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Houm Technology Lets Netizens Own an Ad-free Private Space on the Internet

A Privacy-Conscious Digital Space Where Netizens have Complete Control of their Data


  • Built on Web 3.0 fundamentals with distributed ownership, decentralized Internet, anonymization, data monetization by self, offers absolute Privacy on the Internet.
  • Consumers can build their personal Digital Home at with 100GB storage, save personal documents and private photos privately with zero tracking.
  • ‘Houm owners’ can create a Private Network to communicate via voice/video calls with other Houm members absolutely privately.

Houm Technology, a Web 3.0 internet consumer product, has announced the worldwide launch of its data privacy service, which provides ‘owners’ a private space on the internet for their data and communication needs.

As a provider of private space on the internet, Houm Technology believes that every user has a right to control their own data and information on the web. Users can have their private space (digital home) on the internet without the fear of being spammed with messages and tracked for advertisements or recommendations by any organization or system or bot.

With, consumers can build a truly private space on the internet. Their personal data and communication details are not stored, profiled or shared or even accessible to anyone including any systems, organization or even Houm Technology itself. Each Houm comes with its own independent cryptographic solution; activities are not tracked and there is 100% privacy and confidentiality.

“Consumers do not register or sign-up for a digital Houm, instead they ‘build’ one online and become Houm owners. They get a domain name for themselves and have complete control over the data they save there. Houm Technology does not own or read the data; it’s decentralized with a distributed ownership model where each Houm owner becomes responsible for his or her data online,” said Bijaei Jayaraj, Founder & CEO, Houm Technology Pvt Ltd.

Build a Digital Houm for 100% Privacy and Confidentiality

Online privacy has been hotly debated for years ever since the internet and the proliferation of connected devices began pervading every home. Computers are now essential for work and education while smartphones are an intrinsic part of everybody’s daily activities. This has come with its own set of problems – one of them being that of user privacy.

While netizens avail of services online—cloud, retail, social networking, et al—they are also implicitly allowing their personal information to be saved, mined and profiled for monetization, marketing activities and more. Moreover, it also leaves the user vulnerable to entities with unscrupulous motives who take advantage of personal data for monetary gain.

Benefits of a Digital Houm

Total privacy means there is no spam; Houm owners can communicate with other known Houm members—to form an ‘Inner Circle’—without being monitored or tracked. A ‘private Houm’ gives an owner access to 100GB of storage, the ability to store documents and photos securely and privately, create a private Inner Circle of Houm users, and make voice & video calls with your Inner Circle Houm users in absolute privacy.

This is just the beginning of a truly private online experience as Houm Technology continues to build and optimize its service offerings for global netizens who want to own a private space for themselves on the internet, free from cookies, trackers and backdoors.

About Houm Technology

Houm is a first-of-its-kind global consumer internet product at the convergence of Web 3.0, Private Communication and Data Monetization. Houm enables each consumer to build and own a private place on the internet with a own personal domain – an online home that no person, system, bot or even Houm Technology itself can access, thereby enabling the creation of a completely decentralized internet. Each Houm comes with its own separate and independent encryption, making absolute privacy and anonymization possible.

With a Houm account, users can communicate privately with other Houm owners via chat, voice & video calls, and even monetize personal data in absolute privacy, store 100GB of personal data, and share digital assets while retaining absolute control, ownership and privacy.

To build your own private Houm, visit via the web browser, or install the mobile on your Android or iOS device.

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