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How Campus 365 is boosting student mental health by leveraging AI and Mood Tracking Software ?

Recent research on adolescent psychology and brain growth has underlined that emotion-stimulating encounters (involving the misuse of the Internet) could meddle with significant alterations of the brain. Hence, there is a need for education around self-regulatory practices on social media, and the Ed-tech company working on Enterprise Resource Software (ERP), ‘ Campus 365’ has developed an AI-enabled ‘Mood Tracking’ Software which helps in measuring a child’s mood at regular intervals that helps in keeping a check on their mental health conditions. This helps in mitigating any unforeseen issues that may arise due to deteriorating mental health. Additionally, it also provides a detailed report of the child’s behavioral patterns to the parents who can then counsel their child and seek help if needed.

Campus 365’s Co-founder and CEO, Mayank Singh shares the objective behind the development of the software and said, “We as a company who caters to the future of the country, understood that mental health issues in the post-pandemic era are a serious concern. The children in both the primary and secondary classes had to undergo a transition that was sudden and hence this led to a considerable impact on their mental health. Even now with schools gradually opening, it is still a challenge for students who find it difficult to now adjust to the changing environment. This is why we developed a software that not just tracks and monitors a student’s mental health but also provides them a platform to speak to the counselors as per their calendars.”

The ‘Mood Tracking’ Software further helps the students to undergo meditative and self-relaxation sessions in a virtual room which is called the ‘Zen Room’. The technology has been developed with expert advice and care. The platform leverages AI for real-time results for better student rank analysis and collects the status of students’ mental health. The team at Campus 365 reached out to a Bangalore-based mental health organization that helps in counseling parents. It was with their guidance that the feature’s logic was developed, and an information dissemination system was set up. They helped in deciding the parameters a parent should track and must be aware of about their child’s mental health.

One of the most renowned educational institutions, the Delhi Public School is using the software for providing a holistic learning and growth environment to its students. The average passing statistics for the 10th Class was 96.8% before the onboarding of Campus 365, however, this number increased to 99.2% after the implementation of the software. The brand also focuses on data privacy; hence the use of Artificial Intelligence has a low level of criticality, and the functioning is basic to avoid students’ data being compromised. For the initial stages, the platform restricts itself to analyzing students’ mental health and results only.

In the current times when there are a lot of discussions around mental health, there are very few institutions that are working towards the cause, and Campus 365 is one such entity that has taken a small step in that direction.

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