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IceWarp Advocates for SLA to Prevent Revenue Loss

~IceWarp promotes SLAs as it ensures seamless support services and comes with numerous benefits for both parties~

IceWarp, a global leader for developing business email communication and collaboration solutions with more than 50 million paid users across 50+ countries aim to strengthen its bond with its customers by advocating for a support services plan that can help the enterprise in multiple ways, including prevention of huge losses incurred due to unexpected downtime.

SLA (Service Level Agreements) enables strengthening of the relationship between the service provider and their customer. By its very definition, SLAs ensure reliable communication, quick response time, increased uptime, and low maintenance cost for the clients. The enterprise email solution provider, IceWarp, believes that SLAs are not just something the service provider put together in order to be held accountable, but also because they are actually important for both parties. The formal agreement guarantees best possible service adoption by the provider and delivers the desired assistance to its clients.

When it comes to Support Services, IceWarp offers three SLA (Service Level Agreement) plans. Standard SLA, Premium SLA and Premium+ SLA

As the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contractual arrangement between a service provider and a customer, it outlines the obligations of each party to the other, including availability and response time. IceWarp firmly believes that it is one of the most important tools in establishing a long-term relationship between companies and hence, encourages its customers to sign one.

While talking about the agreement’s significance, Prasad Vadke, Head of Technology, IceWarp India said, “Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the binding word between IceWarp and our clients. When they’re using IceWarp services and an issue arises, it may affect their business, meetings, employee productivity, cause communication gaps, etc. Of course, once they connect with IceWarp, we’ll ensure that whatever issues are being faced, gets resolved at the earliest. However, a support services plan helps them in multiple ways in such situations and it also ensures that our clients and partners don’t suffer any business loss. As we like to say it in our industry, a good SLA is like insurance – you don’t know about it until things go south, and then you wish you had one.”

The said contract also elaboratively defines how the software company handles any problems that arise when an account is not working well or when they need to make changes to it in order to improve its performance. It sets out the utmost important terms of the relationship, including what they will do for the customer, how they will do it, when they will do it, how much it will cost and how will the performance be measured to meet agreed-upon standards of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between two parties.

SLA agreement includes the number of hours of support per day or week (if applicable). The type of assistance to be provided as per the SLA is also maintained. A description of what counts as an outage or other problem with our service that would require a response from IceWarp support staff. It also includes response time, visits, and reviews. Thus, being very comprehensive and well defined. Service Level agreements (SLAs) are important in establishing mutual responsibilities for ensuring that the company’s email service is operating optimally. It gives the imperative understanding of what both the parties are getting into and what are the expectations when it comes to adherence and services.


About IceWarp:

IceWarp is a global leader for developing business email communication and collaboration solutions serving more than 50 million paid users and 50,000 customers worldwide across 50+ countries and has already acquired more than 1200+ customers in India within a span of 7 years.

We believe in offering an affordable, seamlessly integrated, and easy-to-use communications solution to business and providing a true alternative to Microsoft’s and Google’s products. We strive to save our customer’s costs and help them to make a difference in their day-to-day business by covering all aspects of business collaboration and productivity from business-grade email to TeamChat, thus enabling them with all aspects of project teamwork including audio and video conferences, as well as document sharing and collaborative editing.

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