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Imarticus Learning expands its array of offerings; launches StartOnboard, a game-based learning solution for onboarding employees 

Employee onboarding is a crucial aspect of every organisation’s functioning. However, unfortunately, it is a challenge that several companies face due to the traditional, outdated onboarding processes that don’t engage employees. To solve this issue, Imarticus Learning, India’s front-running professional education firm, has launched StartOnboard, a new B2B game-based solution for onboarding employees, processes, and products seamlessly.


Taking gamification up a notch, StartOnboard involves role-play-based learning modules that help employees experience a simulated environment and remain engaged throughout the process. With StartOnboard, organisations can create game-based onboarding modules tailored to their requirements. The employee acts as the game player and completes the assigned activities while learning simultaneously. Although the concept appears to be gamification, it’s far more futuristic, enabling organisations to solve their onboarding process challenges, this increases the engagement by 3x. It also helps the employees to retain most of the information shared during the onboarding program – company history, journey, vision, HR policies, etc.


With studies showing that 90% of employees are more productive when engaged with game-based onboarding, organisations can use StartOnboard for everything from induction meetings to process onboarding and product onboarding. Imarticus Learning’s latest offering emerges as the ideal solution for employees to gain knowledge about the company and its products while being engaged. The new program can also help organisations with pre-onboarding communication and engagement with employees who have accepted the job offer but haven’t joined yet, making the end-to-end process more efficient.


Mr. Nikhil Barshikar, Founder and MD of Imarticus Learning, said, “First impressions are truly the best impressions. However, several companies find it challenging to ensure candidates are engaged, and providing a frictionless and immersive onboarding experience is key. Only then will they be more motivated and productive when they commence work. Imarticus Learning understands this, and StartOnboard counters the issue at the grassroots level. The program leverages principles of cognitive technology and will allow organizations to curate an unparalleled experience for their employees while enabling them to gain knowledge.”


About Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a major Edtech company in India, offering high-quality, industry-specific education via innovative technology, specialised training, career assistance, and mentorship from industry professionals. It has impacted over 10,00,000 careers within a decade through leading-edge curriculums, highly experienced faculty, and over 500 global partnerships with leading institutions and corporations. Imarticus Learning seeks to upskill existing and future workers to fulfil various industries’ current and upcoming job market demands. Its objective is to provide learners with valuable learning experiences, educate them with industry-specific skills, and prepare them to take on multiple jobs in their sector.


Imarticus Learning is renowned for its unique teaching methodology, including immersive live lectures (online and offline), peer-to-peer discussions, hybrid learning modules, industry-focused seminars, capstone projects, guest lectures, soft skills training, etc. It offers courses that prepare learners for successful careers in data science, analytics, finance, banking, and technology.

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