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iMocha Announces the Issuance of a Patent on AI-LogicBox to Simplify Technical and Techno-functional Hiring

Patented solution leverages AI to improve the technical skills assessment process for talent managers and job candidates

iMocha, the world’s largest skills assessment technology platform, today announced it has received a U.S patent (US-11138007-B1) for its ground-breaking use of AI in its technical hiring assessment solution, AI-LogicBox. The solution offers more than 1,500 questions for talent management professionals to accurately measure candidates’ data skills, as well as quality engineering, enterprise application, infrastructure management, cybersecurity, and application development abilities.

Finding the right talent in the technical domain is a major challenge for most enterprises. Unlike typical job interviews, technical jobs require deeper skills and knowledge assessments — and conventional practices often leave gaps despite the best efforts of hiring managers. Technical assessments can also be tedious and monotonous, for the hiring manager and the candidate, further reducing their impact.

iMocha has consistently created innovative AI solutions for the technical skills assessment domain. The company’s most advanced solution, ‘AI-LogicBox,’ helps automate the assessment of programmers’ creativity and logic in a way that is not possible for conventional, syntax-based assessment tests. It’s this innovation that helped the company secure its newest patent.

Amit Mishra, Founder & CEO of iMocha, said, “iMocha’s technical assessment solutions have always delivered the best of speed, accuracy and value for clients all over the world. With the latest patent for ’AI-LogicBox,’- iMocha is trailblazing new ways to use AI to better assess the quality and range of skills of technical job candidates.”

Hiring managers can use AI-LogicBox to evaluate a programmers’ technical know-how as well as the ability for the candidate to think out-of-the-box. AI-LogicBox enables talent managers to focus entirely on a candidate’s approach to a problem, rather than having them spend time on writing an entire piece of code from scratch. Using technology to make the assessment process easier, faster, and more engaging empowers talent managers to hire the right candidate for the right role, whether it’s application development, infrastructure management or cybersecurity. In addition, AI-LogicBox can be used for techno-functional hiring for skills in SAP, Salesforce, RPA etc.

Sujit Karpe, Co-founder & CTO of iMocha said, “AI-LogicBox is a complete departure from the standardized, syntax-based assessments that offer almost no scope for creativity from the programmers. The new solution helps overcome this challenge and make assessment more engaging by relying on logic. Our patented technology eliminates the pitfalls of project-based testing or multiple-choice-questions. It is the most accurate, swift and fun way of testing that offers over 1,500 questions covering almost all aspects of technology and techno-functional hiring.”

Business skills and technology requirements are rapidly evolving, requiring regular upskilling of employees and reassessments of their efficiency. The newly patented AI-LogicBox further scales the user experience to deliver highly impactful technical hiring and re-assessment of existing workforce in an engaging manner.

iMocha will be showcasing its patented technology live at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, September 13-16, 2022 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Attendees can stop by show booth 4934 for more information.

About iMocha:

iMocha is a skills intelligence and assessment platform that enables talent leaders to make smarter talent decisions. 300+ organizations use the platform across 70+ countries to acquire job-fit talent faster and to measure the ROI from their talent development and learning initiatives. It empowers talent teams with the largest skill library with 2500+ assessments, an asynchronous interview platform, AI-LogicBox (AI-based pseudo-coding simulator), AI-powered language analyzer, skill benchmarking, upskilling dashboard, talent analytics, proctoring, fraud detection, and custom assessment consulting, etc.

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