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India is the Most Digitally Matured Country in the World: Dell Technologies  

Digital Transformation has become a buzz word across industries and in recent times has transformed into a key element of business strategy. It has even become an indicator of an organization’s growth and successes in recent times. Dell Technologies recently launched the Digital Transformation Index 2020 that indicates how organizations are accelerating transformational technology programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are shifting their digital transformation programs into high gear and have already accomplished in a few months what would normally have taken them years.


The Digital Transformation Index scores responses to a series of questions and categorizes a business to understand how they’re performing versus their peers/competitors. Here is an overview of the benchmark groups – denoting businesses at different points in their transformation journey. There are:


  • Digital Adopters: Those who have mature digital plans, investments and innovations in place
  • Digital Evaluators: Firms which are gradually embracing digital Transformation and planning for the future
  • Digital Laggards: Firms which do not have a digital plan and have limited initiatives and investments in place


The infographic highlights the key findings of the Digital Transformation Index 2020 report.

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