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Indian Connected Consumer expects high speed and advanced computational capabilities in 5G powered smart devices – Techarc India Connected Consumer Report 2023

The role of processors becomes significant in the backdrop of consumer expectations from 5G powered smart devices.  Comfort and Convenience to drive further adoption of smart devices in 2023 along with entertainment.

  • Limited coverage of 5G, obsolescence of existing devices and data security and privacy emerge as the top 3 concerns for 5G powered Connected Consumer.
  • 58% of Connected Consumers are aware of processors being a key component of smart devices.  MediaTek emerges as the most familiar chipset brand with 32% of Connected Consumers aware of it.
  • 1 out of 4 consumers deep dives into knowing key specifications like processor details, display type, etc., of smart devices while deciding about them.
  • Smart Personal emerges as the largest used smart devices category (23%), followed by smart comfort & convenience category (21%) among the surveyed users.
  • Smartphone owners of more than 2 years upgrade to become Connected Consumers by expanding their smart devices portfolio.

Gurugram – Tuesday, December 20, 2022: In its 3rd edition of ‘India Connected Consumer Report’ released today, Techarc today said that smart devices adoption is being driven by comfort and convenience these devices bring in impacting the lifestyle quality significantly.  As per the report, earlier the adoption was primarily driven by entertainment with users buying devices like smart TV, streaming devices, and smart speakers.  The report highlighted that connected consumers in India are now buying smart devices like smart lights, smart ACs, smart air purifiers, etc., which makes the category 2nd only after smart personal which comprises of TWS earbuds, smart watches/fitness bands, Chromebooks, Tablet PCs, etc.

The report also assessed the impact of 5G on the smart devices’ ecosystem.  While consumers are expecting high speeds and advanced computational capabilities in 5G powered smart devices, concerns around limited coverage, replacement of existing devices and privacy of data are bothering them.

Talking about the shift, Faisal Kawoosa, Founder & Chief Analyst Techarc said, “The Indian Connected Consumer is well aware of the power that 5G will bring to the smart devices’ ecosystem starting 2023.  Connected Consumers are expecting advanced computational capabilities in these devices leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and others, increasing the role and significance of a processor (chipset) in the smart devices.”

“The smart devices ecosystem shall have to power their devices with processors that can help OEMs to design such devices meeting consumer expectations,” added Faisal.

Key Insights of the Report

  • Smart comfort & convenience, smart home appliances and smart security devices are expected to be among priority categories for connected consumers in 2023 where they will purchase devices like smart lights, smart air purifiers, smart ACs, smart surveillance cameras, smart vacuum cleaners, smart washing machines, among others.  This will be in addition to existing smart personal and smart entertainment categories.
  • Affordability will remain the theme driving adoption with 32% of the connected consumers willing to spend a cumulative budget of ₹20,000-50,000 on these devices in 2023.
  • Brand experience and awareness remains a key concern for the users who are still on the edge by not making an opinion about buying smart devices.  Smart devices’ brands shall have to work on instilling consumer faith in them to deliver them the expected experience.
  • Overall online channels and mediums are driving as key sources of information as well as purchase of smart devices.  However, offline is not losing the grip.  As users start buying more of comfort & convenience and home appliances categories, they will explore traditional mediums as well to give them a firsthand feel and experience of the gadgets.
  • There is a very high recommendation (87% users recommend 9 & 10 on a scale of 1-10) of smart devices by connected consumers for buying these to uplift the quality of lifestyle.

Read the full report to know more on insights and findings.

About the Report

The third edition of the report is based on survey findings from 2,500 respondents residing across the metro (55%) and non-metro (45%) cities.  These users were necessarily smartphone users, while the connected consumers owned at least 3 more smart devices.

The survey was implemented online via administering a structured questionnaire encouraging respondents to opt for predefined options. 68% of the respondents were male, while 74% lived with their families.  51% of the respondents lived in their owned house with 39% of them earning between ₹50,000-100,000 a month.

The survey was conducted in Sep-Oct 2022.  The findings may have a margin of error of +/-5% at 95% of confidence levels.

About Techarc

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Techarc India Connected Consumer Report 2023

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