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JetBrains Enables Remote Development in the Cloud in IntelliJ-based IDEs

JetBrains has announced the public launch of its solution for remote development in the cloud and on any other server. Users of IntelliJ IDEA and other IDEs will be able to remotely access fully featured and instantly available development environments in the cloud or on a private server.

The new functionality provides the familiar experience of a desktop-based IDE while moving all the heavy load to a remote server. These remote instances can be warmed up – initialized in advance – so developers can begin coding right away without spending their time on configuring the environment, dealing with the version control system, and so on. The functionality is based on a hybrid technology which ensures a fast and asynchronous experience while providing full feature parity with local IDEs, including third-party plugins and extensions. This remote development functionality is available for IntelliJ-based IDEs.

JetBrains Space supplements this remote development functionality with a suite of features designed to streamline the work of software development teams. Users of Space are able to spin up development environments with a single click, while Space fully manages their orchestration. This model empowers the teams to maintain reproducible development environments described in code, manage them, and run them centrally from Space. JetBrains is also working on making them available via third-party vendors.

“With our Remote Development solution developers can now get a ready-to-use environment right from their own repository”, said Kirill Skrygan, Remote Development Lead at JetBrains. “Our goal is to provide them with a seamless and unified coding experience no matter what machine they’re using and where they’re based. They don’t have to set up the local environment and wait for it to initialize their project and, most importantly, they aren’t limited by the power of their own computers.”

About JetBrains

JetBrains creates intelligent tools for software developers that are used by over 10 million professionals. It’s the company behind Kotlin, a modern programming language that became the officially preferred language for Android development by Google. 99 Fortune 100 companies are its customers. JetBrains has 30 products for most programming languages and technologies available, as well as team tools, including Space, an all-in-one team collaboration environment. The company is headquartered in Prague and has offices throughout the world. For more information, please visit

About JetBrains Space

Space is an all-in-one platform that covers Git hosting, CI/CD, package repositories, chats, documents, and project management. Space simplifies the work of developers, allowing them to focus on their tasks with minimal distractions and context switching. Over 53,000 companies from different industries have already joined Space. Earlier JetBrains introduced a native integration between Space and IntelliJ-based IDEs that allows developers to conduct code reviews and accept changes right from their IDE. For more information please visit

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