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Jio and DigiBoxx, the home-grown cloud storage service collaborate to bring enhanced digital life experience for JioPhotos on the Jio Set Top Box

  • DigiBoxx’ s partnership with Jio helps the cloud storage service instantly reach a massive customer base
  • Jio’s Set-top Box owners can have more storage space at their disposal with DigiBoxx
  • The benefit of a one-click upgrade for extra storage on DigiBoxx via JioPay is available to Jio Set-top Box owners
  • DigiBoxx storage account can be added JioPhotos to store all content and memories in a single place

Jio Platforms Ltd, the digital services arm of Reliance Industries Ltd, and DigiBoxx, an Indian file storage and sharing platform, have announced a collaboration with an aim to develop innovative storage solutions and further meet the cloud consolidation needs of Jio’s existing and future consumer base.

With this collaboration, in addition to the currently offered storage space of 20GB, users can avail an extra 10GB space on DigiBoxx by signing up via the JioPhotos app. Registered users can create secure folders, upload, and instantly share photos and videos from a smartphone, and save files of various formats in one place. Jio customers can store their personal data by enabling auto-sync and view everything on the Jio Set-top Box seamlessly.

Jio Set-top Box users can add their DigiBoxx account to the JioPhotos app — which comes pre-loaded on every Jio Set-top Box — to upload and access personal photos and videos. With JioPhotos, Jio users access all their content stored in different cloud storages like Google Photos, JioCloud and shared across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram on the Jio Set-top Box. All content is organized chronologically or by location, and there’s facial recognition as well to group some photos and videos. When a user adds their DigiBoxx account to the JioPhotos app, all photos and videos in the DigiBoxx account get listed and organized into tabs to easily view and access them.

“We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Jio Platforms,” said Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx™. “This alliance will help us bring our proprietary technology offering to a new set of digitally active consumers. We firmly believe we have a game changing service and platform, which nobody can match or compete with, considering the storage space we provide. With integration, Jio users will greatly benefit from this integration and DigiBoxx is honoured to be a partner of choice with the biggest and fastest growing digital business in the country. This is more than an integration of APIs but a meeting of minds that has brought Jio and DigiBoxx together with a common vision to transform cloud storage and usage in India.”

“We are pleased to have DigiBoxx, a made-in-India storage platform, join us on this journey as we believe their offerings are secure, fast, intuitive, and world class. This integration would deliver an unparalleled user experience for all Jio users who are looking for extra storage solutions and now it’s easily accessible,” said Kiran Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Jio Platforms Ltd.


About DigiBoxx:

Founded in 2020, DigiBoxx is an intelligent Indian digital file storage and digital asset management platform that’s secure, fast, intuitive and affordable. DigiBoxx is a ‘Made in India’ cloud storage service and digital asset management platform for individuals and businesses. In a short span of time, DigiBoxx has won more than 1 Million hearts with its Atmanirbhar service. File storage and sharing is intuitive, secure, collaborative in nature, affordable and tailored for anybody—individuals, gig workers and businesses—who wants data to be accessible from anywhere.

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About JioPhotos:
JioPhotos is a one-stop app to view all your photos, videos, and movies – stored on USB drives, cloud storage accounts like Google Photos, JioCloud, and DigiBoxx, or shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram – directly on the TV. Photos can be grouped according to facial recognition, users can go live on Facebook from the Jio Set-top Box, edit photos on the TV, and much more using the JioPhotos app.

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