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KAMP conducted a special workshop on “Aerospace as a Hobby or Career” with 800+ students from different schools across India

KAMP conducted a special Workshop on “Aerospace as a Hobby or Career” on Thursday, 15th September 2022 with 800+ students of 5th to 12th standard from different schools across India as participants. The aim of this workshop was to help the students understand the difference between career choices related to Aerospace, Aeromodelling, Aeronautical Engineering and Astronomy. The session was convened by Ms. Arika Mathur, Member KAMP Planning & Monitoring Committee.


This session was facilitated by Dr. M.R.K Menon, Adviser in STEM and AeroSpace for Teqdise AeroSpace P. Ltd. in association with KAMP.He is specialized in STEM and Aerospace Education.In the last fifteen years, he has trained more than 1,00,000 Students and 200+ Teachers in seven countries.


Such workshops, conducted by KAMP deal with various topics that fall under the category of Science, Technology and Innovations, Scientific and Life Skills, Career & Professional Development, Academic Development.


The purpose of KAMP’s Fortnightly workshops is to help students develop creativity, meaningful learning, and critical reading and thinking skills that bring out their inherent abilities of the students. The vision of KAMP is to identify and capture Scientific and Technological temperament in students to make India – a Global Leader in the field of Science, Technology and Humanities.


It is very important for students to get a wide understanding and awareness of such career fields as well as the currently blooming ones. It gives them an opportunity to think outside of the box and test their skills or evaluate themselves accordingly or in other words prepare for a better future professionally in advance.


KAMP believes that with exposure to such topics from experts within such specific fields, students will become aware of the real-life career possibilities, understand their personal interests, evaluate their skills within the given area and achieve their best in their most desirable way.



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KAMP, Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform, is an Initiative and Knowledge Alliance of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) – National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (NIScPR) and industrial partner M/S Nysa Communications Pvt. Ltd. (NCPL). Schools and Registrations are open and can be done online through

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