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Kapture CX Integrates ChatGPT into its helpdesk to enhance Customer Experience

The new solution is a combined mix of Kapture’s AI engine and OpenAI’s Generative capabilities that will augment the customer service for enterprises of all sizes

Kapture CX– a renowned SaaS-based Customer Experience platform has recently announced the integration of ChatGPT into its help desk to help brands deliver outstanding customer experience.

ChatGPT integration is the company’s latest step in its innovation roadmap to introduce generative AI capabilities in the platform to deliver hyper-personalized customer experience. The company has already rolled out the feature to 10% of its customers as part of the pilot stage and is anticipated to save lots of time and money by improving the key contact center metrics like average handling time, response time, first call resolutions and more.

Taking the CX to the next level, Vikas Garg, Co-Founder & CTO of Kapture CX, said, “AI tools have taken the world by storm. Against this backdrop, the integration of Generative AI into Kapture’s homegrown engine will power new, more intuitive yet secure conversation capabilities that will be instrumental in delivering maximized customer satisfaction, improved efficiency and frictionless experience at scale.”

Kapture has integrated ChatGPT to use its natural language processing ability to understand user-generated content, address customer concerns and leverage it for an enhanced customer experience in the right way.

“Generative AI is undoubtedly the future of experience and its integration can reduce the cost of providing excellent customer service, increasing overall customer satisfaction and driving new revenue opportunities for an organization,” he added.

Kapture is integrating advanced technologies at a breakneck speed. By embedding ChatGPT, the platform provides simplest and smartest ways to leverage generative AI in customer support operations.

Customer experience is at its inflection point that demands more convenience, personalization and promptness. Kapture’s AI engine integrated with Generative AI capabilities can summarize long communication threads with customers to give agents proper context about the issue, freeing customers from explaining themselves and saving agents from going through the entire communication history to get the context. Support agents will be provided with appropriate response templates matching the situation, which they can choose to apply, modify or ignore.

Chat GPT integration will also improve the abilities of Kapture’s own AI engine to set priorities and route tickets to the right queue based on the keywords in support query, customer type and several other metrics.

Kapture CX is planning to integrate its new solution in customer service-intensive sectors like eCommerce, Travel, BFSI and Consumer durable sector.

The overall solution is a deliberate mix of Kapture’s AI engine and OpenAI’s Generative AI capabilities. As Generative AI use cases are completely anonymous and no user data is shared with any third parties as part of the integration, every enterprise regardless of its size can be benefited from its prowess.

Kapture is an ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant CX platform that helps brands reach out to their customers based on their preferred medium with a personalized message. Over 1000 customers across 16 countries have utilized Kapture CX to understand and profile their customers for a more real experience.


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