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Logicserve Digital and Yellow Messenger partner to help brands step up their customer experiences with AI-driven solutions


As per Gartner, 63% of Digital Marketing Leaders Still Struggle with Personalization, Yet Only 17% Use AI and Machine Learning Across the Function


Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing company and the Indian arm of Logicserve Group, and Yellow Messenger, the world’s leading Customer Experience Automation platform, has partnered to provide AI-driven digital automation solutions to brands. The core focus will be on elevating the consumer experiences while driving growth by helping businesses unlock their customer insights and seamlessly incorporate them for designing result-oriented future marketing activities.

Commenting on the partnership, Prasad Shejale, Founder & CEO, Logicserve Digital, said, “Digital transformation has become the new mantra for businesses to truly scale up and make an impact through their marketing activities. Multiple components work simultaneously to help us achieve the transformed stage. AI and ML are key technologies that play a vital role in designing innovative solutions and helping businesses in their transformation journey. In our constant endeavour to provide integrated digital solutions to brands, we always strive to tap the latest technologies and explore all the avenues for providing maximum returns for our clients. When it comes to AI or ML backed services, Yellow Messenger is a leading player in the market, and they are well-known for their unique solutions for brands that drive results. We are very happy to partner with Yellow Messenger and look forward to helping brands step up their consumer experiences while driving business growth. With their expertise and experience of working with well-known global brands, I am sure we will be able to add value to our clients’ businesses and help them chart a new path of success in today’s dynamic world.”

Talking about the partnership, Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-Founder, Yellow Messenger, said, “Commerce has come closer to customers and has become far more personal. Now, a company must redefine their digital presence and build on how, where, and when they converse with their customers. This leads us right to the power of conversational commerce. It’s gone beyond point-and-click or touch-and-swipe. The search loop (navigate, view, select, repeat, etc.) now heavily leans on an Natural Language Understanding (NLU) interface. Here, Yellow Messenger offers marketers and digital agencies a new and amplified way to attract and engage consumers, gather new data, shorten sales cycles, and drive substantial outcomes across 100+ channels, including web, voice, and chat. And on this journey, we are delighted to partner with Logicserve Digital to enable enterprises to realize superior customer experiences with our AI-powered digital marketing solutions.”

About Logicserve Digital

Logicserve Digital is a new-age digital marketing company that offers the most comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. We focus on designing integrated digital marketing solutions by amalgamating our expertise across our 4 core capabilities i.e. Media, Creative, Data & Insights and Technology. Our decade-plus domain experience has enabled us to help our clients bring efficiency in their Digital marketing endeavours. Our award-winning team proactively enables your brand to surpass its goals around brand equity, customer-centricity, and topline revenue. We also work along with our clients as ‘Digital Consultants’ to identify gaps, strategize & implement the right-fit technology stack for the organization just in time for maximum results.

About Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger is the World’s Leading Conversational CX Platform, recognized by Gartner & G2 crowd for bringing the best of AI and Human Intelligence together. The platform is built for large enterprises to deliver real-time, on-demand unified customer experience.

Trusted by 500+ global enterprises like Asian Development Bank, Domino’s, Schlumberger, Sephora, PepsiCo and BMW, the company has clients spread over 27 countries whilst offering services in 100+ languages, across 35+ channels for text and voice.

The brand aims to democratize AI by bringing in innovative technologies like no code conversational AI platforms, Voice assistants and more.

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