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Logicserve Digital launches data-driven predictive analytics tool to determine the optimal media mix

Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing company and the Indian arm of Logicserve Group, has launched Traffic Cost Predictor (TCP) – a unique tool to uplift your media plans with predictive analysis. It is a unique tool that can predict the results of media plans in just a few seconds basis historical data from Google Analytics and monthly spends. TCP is easy to use and showcases interrelations between different channels too. Currently, the Beta version of TCP is available for free.

TCP is completely data-driven and is not based on individual opinions. Marketers always want to understand the impact of their marketing activities and use the available historic data to design impactful future campaigns while avoiding media spend wastage. Being able to simulate varied media plan scenarios and decide on the best option to achieve the desired results is surely something that can be of great help for them. However, these activities are very time consuming and require a lot of efforts to be able to come up with insightful details. TCP will make all of this possible now, that too in a faster and efficient way. Some ways in which TCP can assist marketers are:

– Understand the corelation between paid and non-paid activities for effective media planning

– Analyse, optimise and present varied media plan options

– Reduce dependency on statistical experts to predict media plans

– Quickly predict traffic and performance

– Visualise the effect of paid media spends on organic and direct traffic

– Generate improved media plans for maximum efficiency

TCP is a great go-to tool for starting any media planning activities. It uses Google Analytics data to predict media performance. It has a guided UI and a simple, hassle-free data upload process. TCP is also programmable and re-programmable basis different views as well as custom channel groupings. Additionally, TCP can be easily configured by your in-house marketers without the need of any special training. Logicserve Digital’s proprietary algorithm for TCP provides over 80% accurate predictions on varied data sets.

Talking about the launch of this unique tool, Prasad Shejale, Founder & CEO, Logicserve Digital, said, “We are all aware about how the consumption of digital is growing day by day. With this, newer opportunities as well as challenges arise too. We have often noticed that a lot of marketers want to make the most out of their data and use it for designing future strategies. However, the management, analysis and interpretation of useful insights can be a tedious job. This is exactly what pushed us to work on a solution that can solve this concern easily, quickly and without having to put a lot of manual efforts. TCP is carefully designed by our experts to help you use the data aptly and design impactful strategies that can assist you reach your marketing goals. We are excited to launch this unique tool i.e. TCP and look forward to seeing it shape up success stories for brands.”

Vinay Tamboli, Sr. VP – Digital Analytics & Consulting Business, Logicserve Digital, adds, “TCP is strategically designed keeping in mind the pressing concerns of marketers. It will help them make data-driven decisions rather than relying on intuitions or hypothesis. It’s time saving and will also avoid any unnecessary marketing spends. The simplistic design, easy navigation and the ability of the tool to showcase the impact of varied combinations of media mix in just a few seconds make it a must-have tool for every marketer. While it saves a lot of time and manual efforts, it is able to make predictions that can deliver positive returns in the future. We are very happy to launch TCP and will continue with our efforts to curate solutions that can simplify the life of brands as well as marketers in this hyperconnected world.”


About Logicserve Digital

Logicserve Digital is a new-age digital marketing company that offers the most comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. Our decade plus domain experience has enabled us to help our clients bring efficiency in their Digital marketing endeavours. Our award-winning team proactively enables your brand to surpass its goals around brand equity, customer-centricity and topline revenue. We also work along with our clients as ‘Digital Consultants’ to identify gaps, strategise & implement the right-fit technology stack for the organisation just in time for maximum results.

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