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MAXHUB  is all set to host a series of events falling under Conclave 2022

~The first event MAXHUB Education Summit 2022 was hosted followed by Education Leader ~ ~Awards in Patna to promote Tech-Advancements in Education


MAXHUB, the world’s leading interactive and collaboration solutions brand, kick-started a series of events under the umbrella of MAXHUB Conclave 2022. The goal is to create a unique platform for learning and collaboration to bring all educational institutes and corporate stakeholders together at different platforms to discuss market transformation strategies and cutting-edge technologies that are going to revolutionize the digital era. The first event under this conclave MAXHUB Education Summit 2022 was conducted by MAXHUB in Patna at Hotel Maurya on 26th August. The objective of this event was to bring together pioneers of education under one roof to reflect on current progress and futuristic possibilities in the education sector.


MAXHUB chose Bihar to be the first state for starting this series of events because it is the state where Buddha attained enlightenment, Mahavir reformed the ideology of Jainism and is home to great leaders like Samrat Ashoka. The state which is very significant to our rich Indian culture and has impacted not just our beloved country but the world. Bihar has always been and will always be a Gem for India especially in the field of education and bureaucracy. The series of events will be held across India in a phased manner, with cities to include New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Lucknow.


The Chief Guests present at the Patna event were – Mr. Arun Kumar (Ex-Commissioner-DI- Central Vigilance Commission and from Civil Services) , Mr. Gyan Ranjan (Spokesperson of Bihar Congress Party) , Mr. Neeraj Kumar (Secretary of Bihar Public School Association) and Khan Sir (Founder of Khan GS Research Centre). The speakers who spoke at the event were Mr. M. K. Singh (Principal – Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Kankarbagh, Patna) and Dr. Rana Singh (Director – ChandraGupt Institute of Management). The series of events included various activities such as interactive sessions, industry talks, 40+ award titles, and the presence of industry veterans.

Additionally, this event witnessed Education Leader Awards-2022 (Patna Chapter), where educational institutions from the verticals of schools, colleges, and coaching centers were acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to the education sector in their city. The nominations were taken care of by the MAXHUB team who visited various educational institutes in their respective cities for nominations. Based on the entries and internal review, the designated team decided to award 40+ institutions for their outstanding contributions to education.

Talking about the event, Mr Avinash Johri, Executive Director (CVTE India and & SAARC Region), said, “We are excited to announce that the MAXHUB Conclave will kick-started a series of events. We aim to create a unique platform to bring together industry people and discuss the technology advancements in relevant industries. The Conclave will witness insightful interactive sessions, industry networking, and award recognition from industry veterans. We are overwhelmed by the response we received from the Patna Chapter of MAXHUB Education Summit. This has filled us with vigor and confidence to continue this journey in other states too. We would like to encourage all of our stakeholders to join us in creating a smart future for the next generation and contribute to the evolving industry by appreciating the pioneers of the education and corporate industries at MAXHUB Conclave. Let’s come together and Grow Together!”


MAXHUB is a world-famous Solution Provider of all-in-one Education and Corporate products. We are part of CVTE Group, a 600 billion group with 4500+ Patents and more than 5,000 Global Employees. We are operational in 120+ Countries across the globe. MAXHUB entered the Indian Market in 2018 and in the span of just 4 years, has already made its mark in the industry.



About MAXHUB –

MAXHUB is the world’s leading interactive and collaboration solutions brand. The company focuses on developing cutting-edge interaction and collaboration solutions in an endeavour to improve the efficiency and productivity of millions of conference rooms and classrooms across the world. Started operations in 2018 in India, MAXHUB is a commercial solution brand wholly owned by CVTE, Asia’s largest LCD/LED solution designer and manufacturer. It is designed to create easier, more intelligent, and more productive communication experiences for users and boost the creativity of teamwork. The company offers the most innovative and technology-forward products including Interactive Display, Active LED, Digital Signage, Interactive Lecterns, Webcam, Unified Communication Bar, Audio & Video Conferencing solutions, making it a hub for interactive solutions for the corporate and education sectors, majorly. Backed by a strong team of passionate technologists spread across the globe, the company serves more than 10,000+ clients. MAXHUB is one of the fastest-growing brands in the audio-visual industry, aiming to achieve 100% growth in the next fiscal year. MAXHUB provides seamless customer service and has established itself as a trustworthy brand. Its aim is to be the No. 1 brand in India for training and conferencing solutions, especially targeting interactive display units and unified communication solutions. For more information on the UC M40, click here.

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